Fastest Texter In America Title Goes To 16-Year-Old Kid From Wisconsin

austin weirschke

Austin Weirschke is the fastest texter in America.

The 16-year-old from Rhinelander, Wisconsin out-texted his peers during a texting competition at Times Square in New York. Weirschke won the contest, sponsored by cellphone-maker LG Electronics, in 2011 and successfully defended his title this year, claiming $50,000 in prize money with his dexterous fingers.

The Associated Press reports that the eleven finalist from around the United States competed in Times Square this afternoon. The contestants, who all used the same model LG phone, were judged on speed, accuracy, and dexterity. Werschke and his fellow super-texters demonstrated their skills during three rounds which saw the contestants texting blindfolded and with their hands behind their backs.

The LG Girl writes on Twitter:

“Congratulations to Austin Wierschke, who (for the second year in a row) just won $50,000 at the LG US National Texting Championship!”

After winning in 2011, Austin said:

“I didn’t really train. I guess every teen… that’s how we contact each other.”

Here’s a video of Austin Wierschke talking with Mario Lopez after his 2011 texting title.

Are you impressed with America’s fastest texter?