Dustin Hoffman Turns 75

Dustin Hoffman turns 75

Hard to believe it, but actor Dustin Hoffman is 75 today.

Introduced to one generation as The Graduate, affectionately remembered as Rain Man by the next, and known to audiences today as Bernie Focker from Meet the Fockers or as Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda, the film icon’s career has stood the test of time.

Hoffman played Ben Braddock, the aforementioned titular character of 1967’s The Graduate, earning an Oscar nomination. Just two years later, he starred in Midnight Cowboy. More films followed: Straw Dogs, All the President’s Men, Kramer vs. Kramer, Rain Man ,and so on. Tablet Magazine reports Hoffman’s varied career to have included everything from Volkswagon commercials to a rap video by 50 Cent.

While his acting credits are many and his career long, Hoffman doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Today reports he’s recently made his directorial debut with the comedy show Quartet being developed by BBC Films. Today also notes that Hoffman probably isn’t done making blockbusters as he is rumored for a role as a crime boss in an upcoming film co-starring Channing Tatum.

If his life on screen isn’t impressive enough, Hoffman has long been a political activist. He has been married to his second wife, Lisa Hoffman, since 1980, and he has six children. Dustin Hoffman was born in L.A. in 1937 and studied in New York alongside Gene Hackman. He even roomed with Robert Duvall at one point.

And last, in case you were still thinking about NOT wishing Dustin Hoffman a happy birthday, remember that in May of this year it was his quick thinking that saved the life of a jogger in England that was having a heart attack.

Dustin Hoffman is many things. Actor, director, activist — and apparently hero. So here’s to 75 years. Happy birthday, Dustin Hoffman!