WWE News: WWE Superstar John Cena Lying About Being Cleared To Return To The Ring

WWE Superstar John Cena made his triumphant return to WWE at WrestleMania 32 this past Sunday to aid The Rock in his fight against The Wyatt Family. It is now common knowledge that the two main event stars were not considered best friends years ago. However, respect grew from their two encounters and now the mutual respect is shown between both men as often as possible whereas before the two would take little, petty shots at the other even outside of WWE.

John Cena’s return was surprising to most, as he just had surgery to repair various problems in his shoulder. While Cena was back to weight training and lifting small houses between breakfast and lunch, he had yet to be cleared for a full-time, in-ring return. He had a basic squash encounter with The Wyatt Family on Sunday, which saw him not take any bump. The most he did was hoist a talent up for his signature Attitude Adjustment move.

Cena had been telling the press that he was set to get cleared soon. Cena told Complex Magazine before WrestleMania that he was cleared to return to the ring. Meanwhile, with other outlets he was not as forward, making it more of an assumed situation. While John Cena is known for coming back from injuries earlier than anticipated, he usually only comes back a month or few weeks early. WWE goes with the furthest time a recovery takes for an average injury and hypes it up.

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Most athletes can return earlier than the major recovery time, but obviously your normal person can get ready by the normal long-term recovery. Cena’s injury normally takes a person six to nine months to recover from. WWE is hyping the nine-month line, as Cena himself even mentioned this with Fox News where he told them that he was trying to “sweet talk” the doctors into clearing him. While Cena is certainly feeling okay, that does not mean everything is back to normal.

WWE’s medical team nor the doctors WWE uses outside of the company will clear him right now. Nor will they do so very soon. As of now, Cena is expected to be back near June according to Wrestlezone. This would give him the allotted and normal six months needed to recover. Obviously, if Cena returns in late May, it could be close enough for him to get the go-ahead.

Clearly John Cena was not going to miss WrestleMania 32 in WWE’s largest venue to date. It was going to be in front of the largest crowd ever as well, and no pro wrestler would want to miss that if they got the call to come and take part. Shawn Michaels even broke out the old wrestling gear for the event. Clearly Cena, still being WWE’s top guy, would not miss the major event that is WrestleMania.

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However, he was back far too early and this appearance was done just to give Cena fans something to see from him until he can return down the line. JBL mentioned on both WrestleMania and WWE RAW that Cena didn’t need to be anywhere near a wrestling ring right now as he was not ready to come back. He’s right, as Cena is not cleared to return and basically lied about it and made others assume about it without correction simply so no questions were asked when he made his WWE return at WrestleMania.

Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Cesaro all missed WrestleMania. Cesaro came back last night for RAW, but none of the others got the chance to work a WrestleMania segment, much less get a chance to work in the ring at all. All three were backstage and all three could have been used in some way. It was rumored that there was a discussion of favoritism regarding Cena, but it goes a bit deeper.

The thought regarding them is that WWE wanted to keep their returns a surprise, while John Cena’s injury is so highly publicized that his return will be announced rather than used as a surprise when he does make it in a few months once doctors fully clear him.

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