Taylor Swift Getting An Award Named After Her Amid Butt Pad Rumors

So powerful Taylor Swift has become that now Broadcast Music Inc. has decided to name an award after her. At barely 26 years old to Lady Gaga’s 30, Swift has received every music award imaginable. From BMI alone, the singer-songwriter has accumulated 37 trophies. According to Forbes:

“Michael Jackson became the first musician to have a BMI-branded trophy honored with his name back in 1990, so Swift is following in some pretty legendary footsteps.”

The Taylor Swift Award is going to be one of perhaps too many feathers on Swift’s cap, the most notable of which, thus far, are ten Grammys and an Emmy. Such BMI-initiated, name-specific recognition will be handed out next month on the occasion of the BMI Pop Awards. The award, recognizes the artist, adds BMI for her “incomparable creative and artistic talent and influence on music lovers throughout the world.”

This early on, pop artists are definitely asking themselves who can be worthy to be bestowed such a citation. Some possible candidates come to mind: Lady Gaga or Ariana Grande, perhaps? It could be anyone who excels as a musician, but definitely the best candidate is the one who writes his or her own songs, like Taylor does.


Putting oneself in Taylor’s shoes will not be easy. After all, the songwriter in Taylor can probably churn a full-blown pop ballad in under an hour of fiddling with her guitar and note taking. Talk about multitasking! The Boot has the genius musician dishing out a Songwriting 101 recipe.

Taylor (also) stays ready for her muse to strike. Some of her best ideas for the songs on the upcoming album, she said, came to her in the middle of the night as she traveled on her ‘Fearless’ tour. No collaborators were around, so she wrote and finalized the songs herself.”

With Taylor’s influence in the music industry, the onus is for every musician to compose his or her own songs. And if the artist continues to have her say in the industry, DIY can become more the rule rather than the exception in the very near future. This makes perfect sense because if everyone composes his or her own songs, there are likely to be more feelings, let alone authenticity, lent to the craft.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Miracles do happen and especially in the music industry, where a song composed by someone else just fits a singer to a T; so much so that the interpreter ends up truly owning the composition. Song-writing prowess aside, a keen observer has noticed something very different about Taylor Swift lately.

Credit goes to TMZ for noticing the Swift change.

Taylor’s lady lumps were majorly on display at the iHeartRadio Awards over the weekend as she showed up in a skintight black bodysuit. We did some deep research, checking out a bunch of Taylor butt shots from the last year… and she’s definitely shown some growth.”

Just to be clear, the source was referring to the artist’s derriere instead of her frontage. And it was a positive growth, definitely not some cancerous growth, one that TMZ said Swift’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris should be happy about. Still, rumors persist that the lovebirds might be in the verge of breaking up, as a previous Inquisitr article poses.

Well, true or false, the fact remains that no one can have everything. The rumor seems to have germinated from the observation that Taylor Swift seems unable to hold onto any of her men for long. While Swift has nothing but positive things to say about her present beau, the truth is the Swift-Harris relationship is the longest the singer has ever had, at more than a year and counting.

But, as The Devil Wears Prada goes, career success often happens where one’s love relationship crumbles. Yet who knows, the pop diva just might set another new record. After all, Taylor Swift is all about setting the bar higher and higher.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]