Lamar Odom Is Back To Drinking, But Has He Been In Contact With Drug Dealers?

After it was revealed last week that Lamar Odom had gone back to drinking post-coma, fans were wondering if he had also gone back to using hard drugs. After his overdose in a Nevada brothel, Odom spent months learning how to speak, walk, and communicate again. Now there are rumors, that despite his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian watching him like a hawk, Odom is once again reaching out to his former dealers and resisting pleas from friends and family that he should go to rehab.

According to The Inquisitr, hours before joining the Kardashians for Easter, Lamar Odom was out with friends, drinking in an Irish bar in the early hours of the morning. None of the Kardashians knew he was back to drinking, and as he is still recovering from brain and multi-organ injuries, he has no business hitting the booze again, especially not in the hard-drinking way he used to. Alcohol played a large part in Lamar Odom’s seizures that put him into a coma in that Nevada brothel.


Radaronline broke the story that Lamar Odom was actively trying to find a drug dealer to buy from in the days after it was revealed that he was drinking again. Just six months after Odom’s Nevada brothel overdose, he seems to be falling back into his old ways, drinking and using drugs on a regular basis. Odom brought cocaine with him to the Nevada brothel, and he had been known to buy drugs and check into hotels in Los Angeles before his brothel overdose. Sources say that Odom is once again actively trying to score drugs.

“Lamar has been reaching out to the people he knows who hooked him up with drugs back when he was living in Vegas. He’s really doing stupid stuff.”


But Lamar Odom is frustrated that roadblocks are being put up in his way by the same friends and family, who have contacted his former dealers and threatened that they will be outed if they are caught selling Odom drugs ever again.

“They’re all afraid to give him anything because of what happened last time.”

Considering what role cocaine played in Odom’s overdose at the brothel, Odom’s former dealers are scared of what could happen if he overdosed again. His old dealers don’t want to take the risk, and they don’t want to get in trouble for Odom. People who have seen Odom recently have commented that he allegedly looks like a zombie. Lamar Odom’s thinking is still not at 100 percent, and he is not making good decisions for himself.


The Hollywood Gossip is wondering whether or not Lamar Odom is back in touch with his old drug dealers or if he has found some new ones. Lamar Odom has been spending more and more time away from the watchful eyes of Khloe Kardashian, and she is now wondering what he has really been up to.

Rumor has it that Odom has been making calls to find out where he can score some drugs, but nobody wants to hook him up because of his recent brush with death. Allegedly, the only person who isn’t worried about overdosing is Odom himself. Friends are saying that Lamar Odom has actually been emboldened by surviving his brush with death at the Nevada brothel and seems to think he is untouchable. Others around him know that, if there is a next time, he likely won’t be so lucky.


Do you think it is irresponsible for Lamar Odom to go back to drinking and using drugs?

[Photo by Mark Terrill/AP Images]