Scott Baio Loves Trump, Hates Republicans, Lukewarm On Starbucks [Video]

Chachi loves Donald Trump and wants the New York business mogul to be in charge of America, despite what the GOP establishment or a Starbucks barista might think.

Happy Days actor Scott Baio, who considers himself a conservative independent, has reaffirmed his endorsement of Donald Trump for president in an appearance on former Brooklyn neighbor Maria Bartiromo’s financial show Sunday Morning Futures on the Fox News Channel.

The actor who also starred in the Happy Days spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge originally endorsed the brash billionaire for president on FNC’s Justice with Judge Jeanine last month, prompting Twitter to go bananas. Baio hasn’t backed down, however.

When Bartiromo asked Baio, 55, why he supports Trump, the actor provided this response.

“I like his proposals on reforming the tax code, building the wall, immigration, repealing Obamacare, [and] dropping the corporate tax rate down, to bring some of that money back that’s out of the country back into the country. I think he’s a straight shooter when he talks to me. When he talks, I understand him. It’s like the way you and I grew up. It’s a very sort of direct language which I don’t need a political decoder ring to understand what the guy is saying.”

Reflecting what many Trump supporters, whether they be Republicans, Democrats, or Independents, feel about the political elites, Baio noted that he doesn’t agree with everything that the controversial and unconventional GOP frontrunner says, but he added that he is completely disillusioned with the Republican party, many of whom Trump has deemed “all talk, no action” politicians.

In recent elections, voters gave the Republicans control of both Houses of Congress and they still lamely rolled over to the Obama agenda by funding Obamacare and what is amounting to amnesty for illegal aliens, Scott Baio declared.

“I think most importantly for me, and I’m not discounting Ted Cruz or John Kasich, and I like them both, but Donald Trump is the only guy I think that has the will and the nerve to attack and to fight and to fight back because we have this mentality. The Republican party — which I try not to associate myself with anymore because I think they’re very untrustworthy on almost every issue — they seem to have this mentality that they don’t want to get down in the dirt. They want to be above the fray because they want to be perceived as nice, and they get killed…Nothing gets done, and they lose elections because they don’t want to fight. When you fight, you fight to win, and they don’t ever want to fight, and I can’t understand it.”

Scott Baio indicated that he might return to the GOP if its elected officials (some of whom are plotting to block Trump from gaining the presidential nomination even if he secures the most convention delegates) start pushing conservative principles and stop allowing the erosion of traditional values.

If polling data is accurate, Donald Trump trails rival Ted Cruz in today’s Wisconsin primary voting, especially after the gaffe-prone previous week.

A few days ago, the actor also apparently got into a war of words, or perhaps non-words, with Starbucks. “Baio went to Starbucks over the weekend and when asked for the name on the order, the actor told them ‘Trump.’ His intent was to have the barista yell out ‘Trump’ when the order was ready. Alas, the barista ‘refused’ to say the presidential candidate’s name out loud once the order was completed. Baio went on twitter to air his grievances,” Truth Revolt explained.

“Now, other Trump supporters have rallied behind Baio’s efforts by telling baristas that their names are Trump, too,” US Weekly reported.

Appearing on the Fox Business Channel in March, self-described capitalist and individualist Scott Baio called out his Hollywood contemporaries for, in his view, failing to live up to their stated progressive values.

“I just wish that the liberals that sort of want to follow this doctrine of what the liberals are espousing now, just give up their nice homes, their nice apartments, their nice cars and give it to the government and live in a one-bedroom apartment in the city. But, they won’t do it… they’re hypocrites. It’s everybody else, not me.”

Scott Baio also promised to charter a plane for those celebrities who have vowed to exit America if Donald Trump is elected president.

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