Want To Meet Norman Reedus? Get Your Ticket For The Wizard World Cruise

If you are a Norman Reedus fan, you have likely fantasized about meeting the Walking Dead actor. He often appears at Comic Cons throughout the United States and many fans have taken the opportunity to meet him there. But how about taking a three-day cruise with Norman Reedus? The Wizard World cruise, along with Rose Tours, has just announced that Norman Reedus will be on board.

Tulsa World announced the attendance of Norman Reedus on the Wizard World cruise saying, “Reedus plays fan-favorite Daryl Dixon on the AMC zombie series. He’s the star attraction in a new venture – a pop culture cruise.”

Basically, this will be a comic convention on the water with loads of great guests, including Norman Reedus. The cruise is scheduled to take place from December 2 to 5, 2016, departing at Miami and docking at Nassau, Bahamas, and will include highlights such as artist alley, where you can see some of the best comic book illustrators out there, as well as cosplay contests.

The cruise ship, named The Norwegian Sky, has a casino, a full gym, an arcade, and full basketball and volleyball courts. There will be planned parties and video game tournaments, too, so fans will have plenty of activities to keep them busy while they are waiting to get their photos taken with Norman Reedus. Yes, that’s right, a photo with Norman Reedus!

Newsarama provides further details about the Wizard World cruise, reporting,

“Prices start out at $749 per person for the 3-day cruise, and include meals, an open bar, and photos with the celebrity guests.”

Did you notice that last part? A photo opportunity with Norman Reedus is included! Now that’s something you will never forget.

Norman Reedus has been known to be very friendly with fans that take photos with him. He always hugs his fans and has lots of smiles for them. A photo shoot with Norman Reedus is not just a quick in-and-out type of deal where you stand beside him and he hardly says a word. It’s meeting a new friend.

Of course, sometimes fans get a little overly friendly. You might remember the fan that bit Norman Reedus during a photo opportunity earlier this year. So be warned, no biting allowed or you might be air lifted off the cruise!

This is not the first time that Norman Reedus has attended a cruise where he met his fans. In January 2016 he attended the Walker Stalker cruise along with fellow cast mates Sonequa Martin-Green, Lawrence Gillard Jr., Ross Marquand, Chad L. Coleman, Chandler Riggs, and Emily Kinney.

Check out these pics from the Walker Stalker Cruise in 2016:


A second Walker Stalker Cruise is planned for February 3-16, 2017.


The Wizard World cruise is not just for The Walking Dead fans though. Prairie Nerds tells us about others that will be on the cruise.

“Others scheduled to take part in the cruise are Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spin City), Sara Underwood (Attack of the Show), Billy Martin (lead guitarist/keyboardist, Good Charlotte; artist), Phil Ortiz (animator, The Simpsons, Muppet Babies) and cosplayers Jackie Craft, Abby Dark Star and Zen Dragon.”

If you can’t wait that long to see Norman Reedus and are mourning the end of The Walking Dead (and the possible death of one of your favorite characters), you’ll be able to catch him on his new documentary, Ride With Norman Reedus, which starts in June. It will appear on the same channel as The Walking Dead, AMC. And his new movie, Sky, will be out in theaters and on VOD in April, and you won’t want to miss the chance to see Norman Reedus in a romantic role!

Will you attend the Wizard World cruise for a chance to see Norman Reedus, live and in the flesh, and get your picture taken with him?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]