DEMOFall08: PaidInterviews pays candidates, not employers

PaidInterviews has launched an interesting new employee finding service DEMOFall 08, one that rewards candidates, not employment agencies or finders.

PaidInterviews is billing the idea as a “disruptive model that is poised to transform the hiring process.” Candidates name their asking fee, which is then matched with an employer’s bid fee, and are paid on a percantage basis of a candidates first year’s salary if they are hired. The idea is that by paying candidates for their time and efforts, employers are more likely to attract high-quality, ‘in-demand’ candidates.

PaidInterviews uses intelligent matching to bring candidates and employers together. Candidates are asked to define their ideal job based on standard aspects, including knowledge, skills and experience, in addition to ‘lifestyle factors,’ which can be just as critical to job satisfaction and career success.

It’s an interesting idea, a step away from the traditional model, and more radical than the pay for referral model that has recently emerged.

As much as I like the idea, I’m hoping that post DEMO launch that PaidInterviews does something about their website, which as I write this I’m thinking may have been the site Robert Scoble was talking about when he bagged DEMO companies.

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