Prison Officials Thwart Possible Death Threat Against ‘Subway’ Jared Fogle

It seems that the attack on Jared Fogle was more than just an isolated incident because reports from the Colorado minimum security institution reveal that prison officials have thwarted yet another attempt on former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s life. The man who attacked Jared Fogle before, Steven Nigg, made it clear that given the opportunity, he would do it again.

Animosity toward Jared Fogle comes from different places, according to the Inquisitr. The former Subway spokesman got a cushy job when he arrived in prison, which was ironically working on the sandwich line, and then Fogle was bumped to serving the officers in the prison items like steak and seafood. The other reason Jared Fogle is a target is based on his crime. Child molesters and pornographers are considered the lowest on the food chain, and prisoners that are inclined to fight often seek out guys like Jared Fogle.

TMZ reported that Jared Fogle was once again in danger of a beatdown from Steven Nigg, who was suggesting that he was going to get the job done right this time. Prison officials, who are still trying to protect the former Subway spokesman, first tried separating Fogle from Nigg within the Colorado prison, but the threat still existed. But finally the decision was made to move Nigg 700 miles away to an Oklahoma prison. There is no word on whether or not someone will jockey to take Nigg’s place as Jared Fogle’s No. 1 tormentor.

The New York Daily News says that the guy who delivered the “knuckle sandwich” to the Subway spokesman has been moved to another prison in order to protect Jared Fogle. The move, and extra effort, to protect Fogle is raising questions as to why all the fuss for one prisoner. It is suggested that Fogle’s high profile is cause to keep him safe, so that the prison system doesn’t look bad.

Steven Nigg has now been moved from the Englewood FCI to the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City. Nigg, 60, allegedly beat Jared Fogle, 38 to a pulp in the prison yard, and nobody came to his rescue until guards noticed what was going on. Nigg said he was disgusted at the uptick of child sex offenders in the Colorado prison, and wanted to send a message. Well, Mr. Nigg, message received.

Fogle is going to be in prison for at least 15 years, and Nigg should be released before Fogle is even available for parole. According to his nephew, Nigg had been asking for a transfer, to go to a place with fewer pedophiles, but so far, the Colorado prison officials are not giving an official reason, but Jared Fogle is likely relieved.

Steven Nigg is in prison for a string of armed robberies in Arizona, and will be out by 2024, while Jared Fogle won’t be out until 2031 at the earliest.

Perez Hilton reported that even after all efforts to keep Jared Fogle safe from Steven Nigg, Colorado prison officials realized that the only way to keep Jared Fogle safe from Steven Nigg was to move one of them to another facility. Nigg allegedly didn’t object to the move, and is now in Oklahoma, 700 miles away from former Subway spokesman Fogle.

But it is being suggested that Nigg might not be the only guy who would like a piece of Jared Fogle, and have an issue with child molesters.

Do you think there will soon be someone else who wants to give Jared Fogle a beating?

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