Meet Stefan Jobes: Conan O’Brien Spoofs Apple Vs. Samsung Patent Lawsuit [Video]

Stefan Jobes - Conan Mocks Apple

Apple and Samsung are locked in a heated patent battle in which Apple claims Samsung stole its product designs for iPhone and iPad devices while using the Google Android OS to bolster sales at the tech firm. Samsung on the other hand claims it’s all an attempt by Apple to stifle competition.

In response to the patent lawsuit claims being made by Samsung and Apple, late night talk show host Conan O’Brien took to his TBS series on Wednesday night to blast both company’s in a spoof featuring fake Samsung employees and a fake Samsung founder who goes by the name Stefan Jobes.

One of the best parts of the video is the “new” Samsung items section in which an engineer for Samsung proclaims:

“Samsung’s originality is also on display in our home appliances, whether it’s our new macrowave oven, our Vac Pro vaccum cleaner or iWasher with scroll-wheel controls … If you don’t believe me, come to our retail stores where you can talk more about our products with a Samsung smart guy.”

The video concludes:

“We stay true to the vision of Samsung founder Stefan Jobes.”

If you think the Apple Vs. Samsung patent lawsuit is a complete and utter waste of time, you really need to watch this video:

The video might be a joke, but the potential multi-billion dollar lawsuit is no laughing matter for Apple or Samsung. In the meantime, Apple continues to win small victories in defense of its design and software patents but nothing substantial enough to stop Samsung in its tracks.