Watch As North Korea Launches ‘Ultimatum’ CGI Attack On South Korea

After recent threats to attack the U.S., North Korea has now released an “ultimatum” video, using CGI effects to threaten their southern neighbor, South Korea.

While the CGI effects are admittedly rather bad, Kim Jong-un’s government threatens to raze South Korea’s presidential Blue House and various other government buildings in Seoul to the ground, ending with the warning, “Everything will turn to ashes.”

The Inquisitr recently reported on North Korea’s threat against the U.S., where they mocked the fact that the U.S. had fallen to an attack by just a couple of airplanes. They went on to warn that the death toll from their future nuclear attack on the U.S. will lead to many more fatalities than occurred during 9/11. Apparently, Kim Jong-un wants the U.S. government to kneel before them in order to save lives.

As reported by the Guardian, 10 days later, they are continuing their war cry, and it is the turn of their southern neighbor to feel the wrath of Kim Jong-un.

North Korea has now published the video on their official website, DPKR Today, showing exactly how they plan to attack South Korea. The 88-second video shows North Korea launching rockets from mobile launchers, ending by destroying the governmental buildings in the south in a ball of fire and flames.

According to NK News, the video also includes CGI footage of an attack on the 2nd Infantry Division (2ID), a U.S. army base based in Dongducheon in South Korea, and this is reportedly the first time North Korean media has specifically threatened pre-emptive missile strikes on 2ID. Despite the poor CGI effects, the 2ID insignia can clearly be seen in the propaganda video.

The video is included here, with the title and the description both reading, “If you refuse to comply to the ultimatum.”

NK News quote former South Korean Army Sergeant Benjamin Seo, who reportedly served at 2ID, as saying the threat from North Korea comes as no surprise to him, as 2ID is made up of the best-armed U.S. units on the Korean Peninsula.

“I think 2ID is at the center of providing firepower for most of the U.S. forces stationed in South Korea.

“They are overwhelmingly well-armed, having their own Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Brigade, armored fighting units, infantry units and even 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade as well.”

Reportedly, the video describes the attacks as being carried out with North Korea’s newly-released 300mm MRLS, which apparently have a range of over 200 kilometers (124 miles). The U.S. base is located at around 23 kilometers (14 miles) from the North Korean border.

However, NK News reported that the 2ID public relations office says they are unaware of threats from North Korea.

Since North Korea ran its fourth nuclear test back on January 6, tensions have been rising on the Korean peninsula, with Pyongyang issuing repeated threats of nuclear strikes against Washington and Seoul in the past month. The threats are reportedly in response to the annual South Korea-U.S. war games that began in early March.

Reportedly, the joint exercises are still ongoing and have been seen to be larger than normal, including a special operation intended to “decapitate” the leadership of North Korea in the event of a full-scale conflict.

The North Korean government obviously didn’t take these exercises lightly and, in fact, see them as a direct threat to their leader, Kim Jong-un. As a consequence, the Korean People’s Army (KPA) recently issued an “ultimatum” demanding that South Korean president Park Guen-Hye apologize to the North and its leadership and punish those who formulated the strategy for the war games.

[Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage]

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