Louis Tomlinson: One Direction Baby Speculation Just Got Weirder

The story of Louis Tomlinson’s baby has been a strange one from the beginning. Back in July of last year, when The Sun broke the story that Louis was to become a dad, many fans refused to believe the claims simply because of its source. When it was revealed that the writer, the U.S. editor of the U.K. tabloid, Pete Samson, was married to Simon Cowell’s PR chief, suspicion climbed that Tomlinson had been dragged into some sort of sick PR stunt. Other fans simply believed that Louis was not stupid enough to father a child with a girl with whom he had the briefest of relationships.

As the months progressed, Tomlinson fans became horribly divided over Louis baby story. Some accepted everything at face value, whilst others exposed a host of things that just did not add up. Tomlinson’s refusal to discuss or comment on his baby or to mention Briana Jungwirth certainly did not help matters. Some very odd behavior by members of Jungwirth’s family hardly helped.

As the birth of Tomlinson’s son approached, speculation ran wild that Louis would demand a DNA paternity test that would prove he was not the baby’s father. Others simply believe that there is no baby. However, at the end of January, Freddie Tomlinson was born, and Louis shared some photographs and said how thrilled he was with his “little lad.” Baby Tomlinson’s birth certificate was even posted online, so you would be forgiven for thinking that would be the end of the Tomlinson drama that became known as “babygate.” You would be wrong.

Yahoo! Celebrity reports that many fans think that Tomlinson and Jungwirth are pushing a doll around L.A. pretending it is a baby. It sounds crazy, but One Direction fans have been told so many lies over the years that they dissect every story, every photograph of Tomlinson and his bandmates with the kind of forensic detail normally reserved for major crime investigations.

This odd claim emerged a couple of days ago when Briana posted an arty black and white photograph of Freddie Tomlinson on her Instagram account. Eagle-eyed Tomlinson watchers were struck by the fact that baby Tomlinson’s feet and legs seem strangely stiff, but more tellingly they claim that Freddie’s right hand seems to be in the exact same position in numerous photographs. Compare the picture Briana shared above with the one Louis shared a few weeks ago, and Freddie’s right hand does look eerily similar in terms of its position.

It is also claimed that the shot of Freddie below, again shared by Briana, is again in an almost identical position. That said, a close examination of all three pictures shows that baby Tomlinson’s right pinkie finger is in a different position each time.

For anyone who has not followed the story surrounding Tomlinson’s journey to fatherhood, it may see bizarre to think that fans would doubt the existence of Louis’ baby, but the entire story has been a PR disaster for Tomlinson. Whether Tomlinson was acting on legal advice, management advice, or just trying to maintain his privacy, the result is a story that just will not die.

Many of Tomlinson’s fans do not believe that we have seen the end of the story yet. It was reported in The Inquisitr last week that “babygate” would end on April first with some sort of big revelation. That failed to materialize, so Tomlinson’s fans continue to wonder if we are being told the truth about Louis’ son.

The story of Louis Tomlinson’s son, the first One Direction baby, may never shift away from the official narrative, but the fact is that huge numbers of Tomlinson fans do not believe that narrative. It is all too easy to write Louis’ fans off as deluded and obsessive, and indeed many outlets do just that. Be assured, though, that many Tomlinson fans have examined every aspect of this story in forensic detail, and they are convinced that some things just do not add up.

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