Louis Tomlinson: Is Babygate Set To End On April First?

In July of last year, the Sun announced that Louis Tomlinson was set to become a father. No one could have anticipated that news of the first One Direction baby would set Tomlinson’s fans against each other. However, in the world of One Direction, there are two things that set the fandom at each other’s throats and both involve Louis Tomlinson. In many ways, both topics are linked. For a number of years, many One Direction fans have believed passionately that Tomlinson and bandmate Harry Styles are a couple. The so-called “Larry Shippers” have amassed a vast and compelling array of evidence to support their beliefs.

The second thing that sets One Direction fans at each others throats is the subject of Tomlinson’s baby. Taken at face value, Louis had a brief relationship with Briana Jungwirth last spring and as a result, baby Freddie Tomlinson was born in January.

The trouble is that many of Tomlinson’s fans simply do not buy the story. Many of Louis’ fans smelled a rat when they realized that the story about Tomlinson’s baby was broken by the Sun’s U.S. editor, Pete Samson, who is married to Simon Cowell’s head of PR, Anne-Marie Samson. Suspicions were raised still further by the fact that Tomlinson has never, even now, mentioned Jungwirth’s name in public. In fact Tomlinson made just one 11-word statement about baby Tomlinson and that after he was ambushed by an interviewer on Good Morning America.

Between the leaking of the story and the birth of Louis’ son, Freddie Tomlinson was not seen in Jungwirth’s company, not once. As was previously reported in Inquisitr, Tomlinson even banned journalists from asking anything about his baby or his mother.

Many of Louis fans were confused by the fact that photographs of Jungwirth seemed to show her with a baby bump one day and nothing the next. Add to that the fact that Jungwirth’s family took several opportunities to trash Louis on social media and the fact that photos of Jungwirth’s baby bump never showed her face and suspicion levels among Louis fans went into overdrive.

For those who do not follow Tomlinson, or One Direction, there are a number of key theories surrounding Louis baby. Some of Tomlinson’s fans do not believe there is or ever was a baby, the whole story is a charade, a PR stunt that went horribly wrong. Another group of fans believe that Jungwirth was a surrogate mother for Louis and Harry so that they could come out after the contract with One Direction’s current management team ends.

A third group believe that there is a baby, but Tomlinson is not the father. Of course we should not ignore those who believe that Tomlinson is a new dad and who are delighted for him. Of one thing there can be no doubt, the handling of the Tomlinson baby story has been a PR disaster from start to finish. Fans have dubbed the affair “Babygate.”

Even after the birth of Tomlinson’s baby in January, many fans are still not buying the story. Some believe that photographs of Louis with Freddie have been faked and that Louis has been pushing a stroller with a doll in it around L.A. this week.

Today, rumors are raging on social media claiming that Babygate will end tomorrow, April first. It seems to be the case that the rumors are based on a number of things. Firstly stories about Tomlinson and Freddie went quiet for a number of weeks only to revive in major style this week. The Daily Mail has pictures of Tomlinson juggling a baby seat, a changing bag and a baby’s bottle as he loads up his car. The Sun reports that Louis took Freddie to a restaurant for lunch with friends on Wednesday, and, of course, we also saw Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell with Freddie earlier this week.

Others point out that TMZ has been talking a lot about Babygate this week on social media, they even posted a video about Babygate asking if Louis’ baby was real.


The final piece in the jigsaw is that many of Louis fans believe that One Direction’s contract with their management team ends today. As a result many fans believe that the truth about Tomlinson’s baby will be revealed tomorrow and Babygate will be brought to an end.

Some of Tomlinson’s fans believe that Louis will end Babygate by announcing that a DNA test has revealed he is not the father. Others believe that Louis will simply say there is no baby and he was forced into a ill-judged PR stunt by his management team. A final group thinks that Louis will announce that he has sole custody of Freddie paving the way for him and Harry Styles to come out as a couple.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Most of Louis fans simply want an end to the whole thing so that they can stop fighting about it. Perhaps there will be some huge news about Tomlinson tomorrow, on the other hand, perhaps someone somewhere is sitting back laughing and pointing at tomorrow’s date. In the One Direction fandom nothing would surprise you.

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