WWE Rumors: Here’s The Reason Sami Zayn Was Pulled Out Of The Main Event On ‘Monday Night Raw’

This is a brand new year now for WWE, and tonight on Monday Night Raw, things started with new feuds and fun new programs. Roman Reigns entered the dawning of the “Roman Empire” as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he has a lot of superstars chasing him now. Four of them are AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Chris Jericho, who were put in the main event number one contender’s match, but Zayn was pulled and here’s why.

As recapped by WWE.com, Roman Reigns came to the ring to address the fans and his big title win last night. He was interrupted by four superstars who wanted a piece of him to take control of the WWE Title.

A brawl broke out with Zayn and Owens paring off while Styles and Jericho paired off. When it was all over, Reigns had speared Jericho and left him laying in the middle of the ring. Shane McMahon later scheduled a number one contender’s four-way match for the main event and fans were ecstatic.

Shortly after though, Kevin Owens took Sami Zayn out backstage.

A lot of people were confused as to why this happened backstage because of everything that had just taken place in the ring. Not long after the backstage altercation, WWE let it be known that the Raw main event was being changed.

Yes, Sami Zayn had to be replaced in the main event and it ended up being a returning Cesaro who had his first match in months. Cesaro had been out due to an injury and surgery, and it was known that he would be back in the ring any day now.

The match went on as scheduled, but it was still a big mystery as to why Sami Zayn was taken out of the match. It seemed like he was getting a big and much-deserved push, but he was gone. Well, the answer may now be known.

WrestleZone is reporting that Zayn may have possibly suffered another injury during the segment earlier in the night. Numerous reports from fans in attendance at Raw said that Zayn appeared to hurt his shoulder when he landed on the ropes and then the camera made a quick cut-away.

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After the brawl was over, fans in attendance said that Sami Zayn ran backstage and he was clutching his shoulder. Last summer, Zayn suffered a shoulder injury and it happened right around the time he appeared on Monday Night Raw to take on John Cena in the U.S. Open Challenge.

That injury kept him out of action until January of this year.

Fans on social media are questioning just how serious the injury to Sami Zayn may be, and there’s been no word on it from him or anyone within WWE. Other reports are coming out now that he is not injured, but then the write-out from the main event would make no sense.

Whatever the case may be, more should be known soon about Sami Zayn’s status. If he isn’t injured, then there was no reason for him to be involved in the segment early during Monday Night Raw. Zayn had no reason to be included in the four-way main event match in the first place if Cesaro was always meant to take his spot.

If Sami Zayn really is injured and has to miss any more time, then that is truly a shame as he was just called up to the WWE main roster. He had a great WrestleMania weekend with matches against Shinsuke Nakamura and the ladder match on Sunday, but now this? Monday Night Raw started great for him, but another injury would really be hard for Zayn.

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