Jennifer Lopez Sings ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ — Gets 429,000 Views In 2 Hours [Video]

The lyrics of Jennifer Lopez’s new song, called “Ain’t Your Mama,” have leaked a little early, as Lopez sings along to her song in a new video posted to the American Idol Facebook page. The Facebook video, which shows Lopez singing “Ain’t Your Mama,” swelled to more than 429,000 views in two hours. It received more than 9,000 reactions on Facebook.

Jennifer was live backstage at finale rehearsal, and that’s where she previewed the snippet of “Ain’t Your Mama,” a song with lyrics that show Lopez’s feminist side. According to the lyrics of “Ain’t Your Mama” already on Genius — at least from the preview for now — Jennifer sings about not taking care of a man in the manner that his mother would. What seems to have the makings of an anthem for women who don’t care to spend all day slaving over a stove or washing machine and dryer, “Ain’t Your Mama” will reveal the rest of its lyrics on Thursday evening.

“I ain’t cooking all day, I ain’t your mama.
I ain’t gon’ do your laundry, I ain’t your mama.
Ain’t your mama, boy ain’t your mama.”

Jennifer’s teaser of the “Ain’t Your Mama” song proves it is one that could bring lots of interest come Thursday, when she plans to have the full song available for download after the American Idol show ends. As seen in the above photo, Jennifer attended the debut of the American Idol XV finalists. Lopez was photographed on the red carpet on Thursday, February 25, 2016, in West Hollywood, California.

Now that she has teased her “Ain’t Your Mama” song on Facebook, folks are reacting to both Jennifer and the fact that American Idol is ending.

OMG I love how REAL JLO is!!! Wish I could get tickets to see her!!! Cause she AINT UR MOMMA!!!!

OMG!! Mama i love the beat of the new song! #AintYourMama

Do you sing that song to your boyfriend???

Can’t wait to hear “I ain’t ur momma”

It was on Jennifer’s own Facebook page whereby she teased her Facebook followers about the “little secret” she had to share, which turned out to be the “Ain’t Your Mama” song.

I’ve got a secret to share with you…
Head over to the American Idol Facebook Page to find out what it is.‪#‎AintYourMama‬

Meanwhile, as Jennifer shares in the video, the sample of “Ain’t Your Mama” is one that wasn’t supposed to be played prior to Thursday. Someone can be heard yelling in the background of the video to turn the “Ain’t Your Mama” song off, because apparently they didn’t want to give away too much of the song. Lopez admitted they weren’t supposed to be playing the “Ain’t Your Mama” song, but she obliged when the person interviewing her asked for a sneak preview.

As reported by EW, “Ain’t Your Mama” represents Lopez’s first single that she is releasing via Epic Records. With a fast and driving beat, the “Ain’t Your Mama” song should prove to be one of the “high energy levels” that Jennifer spoke of when describing her upcoming performance on the last episodes of American Idol.

The Facebook live video featured Lopez being asked a question by a fan about the coming American Idol episodes this week.

Beneath the video, Jennifer’s fans are professing just how much they’ll miss seeing her now that American Idol is ending. Others are wondering aloud why the show has to end, despite its long run of many seasons. Still others are writing about how much they love the “Ain’t Your Mama” song just from the small preview provided.

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP]