The Backstreet Boys Headed To Las Vegas For Concerts, Nick Carter Shares Details

Mandy Robinson

If you are a fan of The Backstreet Boys, exciting news is out for you. The boy band group is reuniting to do a few shows in Las Vegas, which could turn into more if things go well. Us Magazine shared the details about The Backstreet Boys getting back together and they got the details straight from Nick Carter. Fans loved seeing Nick on Dancing With the Stars last season, and this would give them another chance to catch up with him.

Nick Carter shared the details that they know already, but The Backstreet Boys don't know much yet. This is still in the very early stages. Here is what Nick revealed.

"We have a deal with Live Nation, which is the touring company, and we just signed a nine-show deal to do sort of like a test run in Vegas with the residency. So that's definitely going to happen, but we're going to do a trial run first."

"It seemed really convenient for the family! A Vegas residency, now that we're all fathers, could be very convenient for us … We won't have to travel so much. We're definitely in the studio recording a brand new album."

CNN shared a few details of what will happen with The Backstreet Boys this upcoming year. Carter shared that they are actually going to be doing 130 shows and the Las Vegas shows are part of those shows. That means they may not be able to just stick around in Vegas, due to having other commitments. The thing is, The Backstreet Boys could always return to Las Vegas again when all is done.

This isn't the only thing going on with The Backstreet Boys. They are also working on a new album. Nick Carter shared that they are working with "young, hot producers that can give us a fresh new sound." This will make sure that The Backstreet Boys have a big hit with their new album. They actually hope to put out a new single by the end of the year. There are no dates yet on the Las Vegas shows, but fans can't wait to hear when this will start.

Nick Carter is very focused on something else right now though. His wife, Lauren, is about to have their first child. When Nick was on Dancing With the Stars, they did a big reveal that he will be having a boy. Lauren could have this baby any day now and Nick is ready to be a father. Working on The Backstreet Boys may just have to wait a tiny bit while he focuses on being a dad.

Are you happy to hear that The Backstreet Boys will be performing again in Las Vegas? Do you think that you will try to get tickets to see them? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for H&M]