Bill O’Reilly Talks About Donald Trump And White Grievance

Bill O’Reilly returned to his show in a much better mood than he was before he took a week-long break. His main topic Monday evening was white grievance.

“All the polls say that Donald Trump’s rise is being fueled largely by white men who are angry with both political parties,” Bill stated at the very beginning of his show, right before indicating that 47 percent of female Republican voters will not vote for Trump.

Donald Trump White Grievance
Bill O’Reilly believes Trump’s rise is fueled by “white grievance.” [Photo by Ty Wright/Getty Images]
Bill O’Reilly then gave some statistics: Trump is favored by 50 percent of GOP voters who make less than $50,000 a year, most of them men, according to a study by the Washington Post. According to polling from 20 GOP primary states, Trump is supported by only 32 percent of Republicans who have college degrees.

“So Trump’s support is largely coming from working-class white men who feel aggrieved,” O’Reilly continued, adding that the white grievance industry is now taking after the black grievance industry, which remains a powerful presence in America.

Bill O’Reilly indicated that many white Americans believe that illegal immigration hurts their job prospects and are angered by changing neighborhoods and social patterns. He added that these people are tired of welfare being given to people who have no motivation to succeed. As others have noted, O’Reilly thinks that many Trump supporters are also angry that terrorism isn’t being contained. They also think Republicans have become cowards in the face of political correctness.

Despite all this support, Bill O’Reilly said Trump’s nomination isn’t certain.

“Going forward, Trump’s nomination isn’t a lock. He has made mistakes and must win over millions of skeptical Americans. If you believe the polls, Trump is in for a rough day tomorrow in Wisconsin. “

Donald Trump Primary
Donald Trump is expected to lose the Wisconsin primary. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]
However, according to Politico, Trump believes he’ll win Wisconsin just like he did with South Carolina. Even if Trump loses to Ted Cruz in Wisconsin, though, O’Reilly believes that the issues that made people support Trump aren’t going away.

“That being said, the issue of white grievance is not going away. Trump will maintain a very loyal level of support. Many of Trump’s supporters are furious. If he doesn’t get the nomination, many voters may stay at home in November.”

O’Reilly then had Fox News Analyst Charles Krauthammer talk about the situation on his show, and he disagreed with O’Reilly’s premise.

“To me, the issue is not race, but class. This has to do with people making less than $50,000 a year, people with less education than others, and to me the central issue is a historical one that neither party knows how to solve. We have entered an informational age, leaving behind the industrial age, and it is lettered with people who don’t fit,” the news analyst said.

Krauthammer said we don’t know how to solve the huge gap between the very educated and the less educated. O’Reilly didn’t discount Krauthammer’s point-of-view, but told him it’s “more than that.” O’Reilly repeated that white men are angry about being replaced and told they have to “press 1 for English,” even though Bill didn’t specifically say he believes those concerns are valid.

Donald Trump’s performance in the Wisconsin primaries tomorrow is pretty much seen as make-it-or-break-it for the candidate. Do you agree with Bill O’Reilly when he says that even if Trump loses, the issues that brought him to power won’t? Let us know in the comments section.

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