Hillary VP? Eight Possible Running Mates If Clinton Wins The Primary

Hillary Clinton is steadily plugging her way through her campaign, despite being bombarded with a heap of drama unsurpassed by any former election.

Hillary’s potential for being the next U.S. President remains a real possibility, according to the polls, as the bruised and battered election effort leans into the backstretch.

Meanwhile, an inevitable discussion is taking place about who will be Clinton’s choice of running mate should she win the primary. The choice of running mate is one of the most important decisions a candidate can make, according to a recent article by AOL.

Clinton has a lot to consider as she mulls over this big decision. She could focus on a pick who would help ignite the Democratic base, choose someone to boost her numbers with young voters, or perhaps even name a House of Cards-esque bombshell that would likely break the Internet and if not the Constitution.”

AOL offered up a list of eight potential running mates for Hillary.

Interestingly enough, not one of them was mentioned today by Bill Daley during an interview with CNBC. Daley was commerce secretary under President Bill Clinton and ex-chief of staff to President Barack Obama. He threw out a couple of names for the Democratic front-runner to mull over.

“I think Tim Kaine is a good prospect.”

Daley was referring to the Virginia U.S. senator, former governor, and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, whom Daley described as “somewhat moderate,” but a “progressive on things.”

Al Franken has been talked about, Daley acknowledged. Franken, who rocketed to fame during his years as a regular on Saturday Night Live, is now a senator for Minnesota.

“The truth is he’s been a very serious senator since he’s been there, in spite of the fact that when he got elected, people said, ‘This is just a comedian.'”

Daley added that it may be a little early to discuss a running mate for Hillary. Bernie Sanders has made a tremendous push and is now shooting toward the Wisconsin election, which will be held on Tuesday.

“You have Sanders who’s very popular amongst a large part of the Democratic base, and obviously is moving with an energy towards the end. This will continue into June. But I think there’s no question Hillary is going to get the numbers needed to be nominated.”

The list of rumored potential candidates outlined by AOL includes the following:

1. Elizabeth Warren

The current U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, Warren is very popular among progressive Democrats, and her harsh criticism of Wall Street may, as AOL put it, “help wash off the stink of Clinton’s infamous Wall Street speaking engagements where she reportedly pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

However, having two women at the helm may be a little too progressive for some more conventional Americans.

2. Martin O’Malley

Former Maryland governor, and Hillary’s ex-rival, might help bring some executive experience, along with “a slight youthful boost to the ticket.”

3. Bernie Sanders

Clinton’s current rival for the Democratic ticket, as AOL said, “might help boost Clinton’s rather anemic connection to college voters. But Sanders’ socialist label might be a few too many steps left for a general election ticket to play well with right-leaning swing voters.”

4. Joe Biden

Biden’s massive popularity would help boost Clinton. He hasn’t yet ruled out the prospect of another stint as VP.

5. Bill Clinton

Speaking of House of Cards, this possibility edges along the cusp of a new election, but in reality, will probably never happen.

6. Julian Castro

Many insiders say that Castro is the front-runner for the potential VP. He has served as Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and would likely appeal to Latino voters.

Bill Daley said that the voter anger that has given rise to Sanders and Donald Trump is very “real.”

“Whoever wins this election in the fall has got to respond… [with] actual policies and not just rhetoric.”

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