Kyle Richards Says Lisa Rinna Apologized To Her, Defends Lisa Vanderpump Friendship

Kyle Richards has finally spoken out about what viewers saw on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In her blog post, posted on Monday, Kyle criticized Lisa Rinna for implicating her in the Yolanda Foster Munchausen drama. Kyle also defended her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump, making it clear that she’s not letting Lisa R.’s accusations against Lisa V. get between their friendship.

Kyle maintained that she never said or even suggested that Yolanda has Munchausen syndrome rather than Lyme disease. In an earlier episode, during a beach chat with Eileen Davidson, Lisa R. claimed that Kyle and Lisa V. talked among themselves about Yolanda’s illness, sent some of Yolanda’s social media photos to one another, and “giggled” about them. Lisa R. also claimed that Lisa V., knowing that she had engaged in a conversation with someone about Yolanda possibly having Munchausen, called her and encouraged her to publicly speak about it.

In her blog, Kyle wrote that her talking privately about some of Yolanda’s social media posts does not equate to her saying that Yolanda has Munchausen. Kyle pointed out that it was Lisa R. and Lisa R. alone who brought up Munchausen when it comes to Yolanda. As for Lisa R.’s claim that Lisa V. encouraged her to bring up the speculation over Yolanda’s health, Kyle said that she has “zero knowledge” about that. Kyle ultimately believes that Lisa R. is just trying to put blame on others in order to diffuse what she did.

Kyle also revealed that Lisa R. actually apologized to her the day after that episode aired for bringing her into the Munchausen drama.

“I have been forthcoming about the fact that I did, indeed, comment on Yolanda’s excessive and dramatic Instagram posts. However, I did NOT start NOR encourage Rinna to discuss Munchausen’s and have zero knowledge about a conversation between Rinna and LVP discussing bringing up the Munchausen topic prior to that day at LVP’s house. So WHY was my name brought up that day on the beach?… If we are going to discuss things that were actually discussed in private (i.e. the Instagram posts) then I will tell you that I ran into Lisa Rinna the day after that aired, and she apologized to me for saying that… It will also be addressed at the reunion.”

Kyle Richards also addressed what happened on last week’s episode. The episode, which showed the women continuing their Dubai vacation, showed Lisa Rinna telling Kyle and Kathryn Edwards that Lisa Vanderpump tried to manipulate her to drag Kyle into the Munchausen drama. According to Lisa R., as she was walking out of Lisa V.’s home after telling her and Kyle about her engaging in a Munchausen conversation regarding Yolanda Foster, Lisa V. ran up after her and asked her why she didn’t bring Kyle into it. For Lisa R., this was proof of Lisa V. trying to manipulate her and cause more drama.

Shockingly, Kyle told Lisa R. that she knew about Lisa V. trying to stir something up and that she immediately put a stop to it. Kyle also said that she’s not mad about it because she doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with Lisa V., whom she knows really does care about her.

“I said, ‘Why would you say that?’ I said to her, ‘Why are you saying my name to Rinna?’ I said, ‘Don’t be planting seeds.’ I said to her, ‘If you’re gonna take me down, I’ll take you down in flames with me,’ is what I said to her.”

In her confessional interview, Kyle said she knows when Lisa V.’s up to something.

“I know when Lisa Vanderpump’s up to something. I know her well enough to know. She wanted Lisa Rinna to say, ‘Kyle and I have been talking about the whole Munchausen thing. I said, ‘Lisa, I know exactly what you’re doing right now.’ “

Later, during a group dinner, Kyle told Lisa V. that she forgives her and that everyone has faults.

In her blog, Kyle reiterated that she doesn’t care about whatever happened that day at Lisa V.’s house. As she said in the episode, Kyle said that her friendship with Lisa V. is too important for her to still be mad about what Lisa V. tried to do. Kyle did not address whether she now actually still believes that Lisa V. was “planting seeds.”

“But that day when this conversation took place, I dealt with it then and moved on. LVP and I have come too far to go backwards over something I found not to be that big of a deal… I don’t feel the need to explain myself or my friendship with LVP. Things aren’t always perfect but we care about each other and have more fun together than anyone else. She’s important to me and this issue just wasn’t. I am not up LVP’s a** like Rinna said. Why would I be? She doesn’t pay my bills. I don’t like to have problems with ANY friend I care about. That’s not kissing a**. Maybe that’s how Rinna operates. I don’t.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa V., in her own blog post, continued to deny all of Lisa R.’s accusations.

Despite what happened in Dubai, the friendship between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards still seems to be going well. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, not only did Lisa V. and Kyle hang out together after filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 reunion show, they also hung out with one another over the weekend.

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