Kyle Richards Parties With Friends At Lisa Vanderpump’s PUMP, Has Finally Cut Her Hair

What’s the current status of Kyle Richards’ friendship with Lisa Vanderpump? It seems that despite what viewers saw happen on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the two women are still good friends. On Thursday, Kyle even went to Lisa’s restaurant PUMP with a few friends.

Kyle posted a photo that shows her not only having a good time at Lisa’s restaurant with her friends but also that she has finally cut her long hair. Kyle seems to have had several inches of her hair cut off.

Another photo that Kyle posted reveals that she and her friends were at PUMP to celebrate a birthday.

Lisa was at PUMP and hung out with Kyle. A fan posted a photo of himself between Kyle and Lisa.

Kyle’s photos received a lot of comments from fans expressing shock and surprise that she finally cut her hair. For most of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which is now in its sixth season, Kyle has had very long hair that extends down past her bosom. She has frequently been shown whipping her long hair back and forth while letting loose on nights out with the women. On Tuesday night’s episode, she expressed delight upon watching a female performer whip her long hair back and forth during an “Arabian nights” dinner in Dubai. Kyle, upon seeing the performer do her hair theatrics while wearing a long, flowing dress, called the performer her “spirit animal.”

While Tuesday night’s episode had some lighthearted moments, it was also full of very dramatic moments. Lisa Rinna accused Lisa Vanderpump of trying to get her to drag Kyle Richards into the speculation that Yolanda Foster has Munchausen syndrome rather than Lyme disease. According to Lisa R., after her talk with Lisa V. and Kyle in Lisa V.’s house, in which she confessed to having engaged in a conversation with someone about Yolanda possibly having Munchausen, Lisa V. ran up after her as she was leaving and said, “Why didn’t you bring Kyle into it?” Lisa V. denied to Lisa R. that she ever said such a thing and told her that she must have misunderstood.

Later, during a late lunch with Kathryn Edwards and Kyle, Lisa R. told them her account of what happened with Lisa V. Shockingly, Kyle admitted that she knew Lisa V. had tried to implicate her in the Munchausen drama. Kyle confessed that after Lisa V. spoke to Lisa R., she went back inside and told her that she thought Lisa R. was going to throw her into the Munchausen drama. According to Kyle, she immediately put a stop to Lisa’s scheming.

“I said, ‘Why would you say that?’ I said to her, ‘Why are you saying my name to Rinna?’ I said, ‘Don’t be planting seeds.’ I said to her, ‘If you’re gonna take me down, I’ll take you down in flames with me,’ is what I said to her.”

Kyle explained to Kathryn and a very shocked Lisa R. that despite what Lisa V. tried to do, she isn’t mad at her because she knows that Lisa V. really does care about her. Kyle added that she doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with Lisa V. now that they’re in a really good place together.

In her confessional interview, Kyle said she knows exactly when Lisa V.’s up to something.

“I know when Lisa Vanderpump’s up to something. I know her well enough to know. She wanted Lisa Rinna to say, ‘Kyle and I have been talking about the whole Munchausen thing. I said, ‘Lisa, I know exactly what you’re doing right now.'”

During a group dinner later that day, Lisa R. accused Lisa V. of lying to her face and “rewriting the truth.” Lisa V. continued her denial. Yet Kyle backed Lisa R.’s account of what happened.

“I know what she [Vanderpump] said to you [Rinna]. I know what she [Vanderpump] said to me. She came upstairs and said, ‘I said to Lisa, ‘Oh that Munchausen is such a big word. I thought you were gonna throw Kyle in it…'”

In her confessional interview, Lisa V. said that she went after Lisa R. to say bye to her. When Lisa R. expressed remorse at what she had just said, Lisa V. remembers telling her, “Oh God, I thought you were going to drag us all into it.” Lisa V. then took her hand and told her to speak from her own point of view, not everybody else’s.

At dinner, Kyle turned to Lisa V. and asked why she brought her name up.

“Why did you say that? Why would you say that?”

As the arguments continued, Kyle told Lisa V. that she forgives her.

“I understand this reaction may be confusing to you but I know that Lisa loves me. And guess what. Maybe she f**ked up. Maybe she f**ked up. Lisa if you did, it’s okay. Guess what, I forgive you. And we all f**k up sometimes.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa V., in her blog post recapping the episode, continued her denial of Lisa R.’s accusation. Lisa V. also wrote that she loves Kyle and doesn’t understand why Kyle would back Lisa R.’s accusation. Lisa V. called Dubai an “awful experience.”

It seems that Lisa V. now resents that she had to go to Dubai at all. On Friday morning, Lisa V. tweeted that she was disgusted that she missed out on Yolanda’s Lyme event in New York City because she was forced to go to the United Kingdom in order to get her passport renewed in time for the Dubai trip.

Lisa V. then accused the production company and Bravo of making her look bad.

Lisa V. admitted that she was so fed up that she decided to “hit back.”

Kyle Richards has yet to publicly speak out about what happened on the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode. A preview for next week’s episode shows her telling Lisa Vanderpump that she won’t lie for her. Yet the photos of Kyle with her friends and Lisa at Lisa’s PUMP seems to show that her friendship with Lisa V. survived the season. It also seemingly survived the Season 6 reunion filming, as evidenced by the fact that Kyle and Lisa V. hung out together after the reunion.

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