Windows 10: Guerrilla Tactics, Spies, And The ‘Anniversary Update’

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, if you’ve been within 10 feet of a computer using a Windows operating system, chances are you’ve become victim to the Windows 10 guerrilla warfare taking place in homes and offices all over the world. Windows 10 was released to manufacturing on July 15 last year and became available to the public on July 29. Since that time, the Microsoft Corporation has faced a barrage of critics of both the expert variety and the layman alike. Now, Microsoft plans an “Anniversary Update” for Windows 10 that is predicted to both improve the system and ruffle feathers at the same time.

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Let’s be realistic, the Microsoft Corporation is no stranger to controversy, especially where Windows 10 is concerned. Just last November, Microsoft confirmed that the Windows 10 telemetry (a much less offensive word for a process most people refer to as “spying”) cannot be halted. In fact, according to an article on Forbes, the Windows 10 operating system communicates with Microsoft for the sheer purpose of reporting data thousands of times each and every day.

When you add that to the fact that Microsoft pushes Windows 10 on the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 much like a relentless schoolyard bully, sneaking in updates like a sucker punch to the gut, it’s no surprise that Microsoft execs have faced some backlash. Just last month, user complaints about a surprise upgrade to Windows 10 began pouring into forums and help desks all over the United States. Adding insult to injury, some users reported that the “decline” button on the automatic upgrade was hidden within the “more information” button, adding a whole new level to the company’s guerrilla-implementation approach.

However, in the hope of restoring those warm fuzzies users once had for Microsoft, the impending “Anniversary Update” for Windows 10 will bring with it some improvements folks have been waiting for since Windows 8 was first released. For example, the Start menu is set to make a much-anticipated return. In fact, a CNET report recently confirmed that the return of the Start menu will mean users can see all their apps in one place without being forced to click on an icon. Users will likely find this single change to be a major improvement, especially after the outcry that took place when Windows 8 eliminated the long-used and familiar feature.

To be perfectly clear, not everyone feels negatively about Windows 10. In fact, there is an entire culture of Microsoft 10 users who are very pleased with the system. Along with the return of the start menu, the Anniversary Update will include a boost to the Cortana voice-command feature, which happens to be something with which users are already pleased. Cortana, a “personal assistant-like” program akin to Apple’s Siri, among others, is said by many to be one of Windows 10’s coolest features.

So, what’s the bottom line? Windows 10 is gaining ground. And whether you love Microsoft or hate Microsoft, the fact remains that the technology giant is a front runner for all things software. While it’s almost certain that many people will still have issues with the Windows 10 sneak attack, it’s also clear that Microsoft is making great strides to ensure that Windows 10 is its best operating system yet. And guess what, the only way to learn whether or not Windows 10 will float your boat is to install it and use it for yourself. After all, the old adage does say that the only way to benefit from change is to dive right into it, move along with it, and join the party.

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