Trump Divorce: Marla Maples Gets Candid About Life As A Single Mom

Donald Trump is running for president while Marla Maples has been competing on Dancing With the Stars. Donald Trump and Marla Maples were one of the most glamorous couples of the early ’90s. The mismatched pair married in 1993 and split in 1997 without any scandals rocking their relationship.

So, why did Donald Trump and Marla Maples divorce? An alleged insider revealed to People magazine during that year (1997) that Trump was more “in lust” than “in love” with Maples to carry on their marriage together. The couple’s only daughter, Tiffany Trump, was just 3-years-old at the time of their split.

According to the article, Trump and Maples asked the public for privacy and to focus on “more important issues.” Trump then “gleefully” followed up on the details of their marital problems to the media.

Marla Maples, Donald Trump
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He didn’t go into any specific details, other than stating, “Marla’s a good girl. But I wanted out.”

Insiders close to the couple speculated that the two had nothing in common. Maples was more laid-back and spiritual, while Trump is power and money-driven. Trump’s business-oriented mindset didn’t fit into Maples’ lifestyle.

Their divorce was finalized in 1999. Maples was able to walk away with $2 million of Trump’s fortune. Despite their split, the couple have remained respectful about each other in the media.

In the “Where Are They Now?” segment on Oprah, Maples said that she still loves The Donald. She even has remained supportive when he’s gotten into public feuds with Rosie O’Donald and the likes of The View. Trump, for the most part, has remained supportive of Maples, as well. When asked about her appearance on DWTS, he told People that he was very “happy” for her.

Trump has nothing against reality television. He used to host The Celebrity Apprentice. He even told Extra back in 2010 (via HollywoodLife) that he would like to appear on DWTS.

“I’m not a bad dancer. Many people want me to do Dancing with the Stars… I can dance a lot better than most of them, I’ll tell you that. I watch some of them and they’re terrible.”

However, Maples has remained tight-lipped on how she feels about Trump’s controversial comments during his presidential campaign. During her time as guest-host on The View, she gave very little details about their troubled marriage. She remarked that Trump has “great hands” and insisted that he is “not racist.”

“He’s a wonderful father, he loves his children,” Maples beamed as she spoke.

Now Maples is revealing to People in a new interview on what it’s like to be a single mother to her daughter, Tiffany, after divorce.

“I just consider having a child the greatest gift in the world. Every single moment, the good, the challenging, the joyful, the painful, all of it is so important.”

Tiffany Trump, Marla Maples
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The 52-year-old actress is now focusing on herself as a contestant for ABC’s long-running dance competition.

“I think when you are a single mom, you realize that there’s things you could do that you could do. Now, I’m doing something I never imagined I could do. And I want to get better and better.”

Maples and her professional dance partner Tony Dovolani made it through the first elimination round. They will both return Monday night, and the episode will have a “Most Memorable Year” theme. The proud mom says she’s dedicating this week’s dance to 1993, the year that Tiffany was born.

“Just having her faith in me, knowing she’s there believing in me makes me all the better. I would love to dedicate this dance to Tiffany and the beautiful life I want her to always have.”

Watch Marla Maples and the rest of the contestants on Dancing With the Stars on Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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