Four Utah Men Gang Rape 9-Year-Old Girl On Easter Sunday While Her Mom Smokes Meth, Police Say

Four men gang raped a 9-year-old girl in Utah on Easter Sunday, according to police allegations. The girl’s mother was allegedly smoking methamphetamine in an adjacent room when the child was raped in the town of Vernal.

The four Utah men arrested on charges relating to the gang rape of the 9-year-old girl in Uintah County include Randall Flatlip, 29, Jerry Flatlip, 26, Josiah RonDeau, 20, and Larson RonDeau, 36, Fox 13 News reports. All of the men have been charged with first-degree felony rape of a child and first-degree sodomy. They are all being held in the county jail.

The unidentified 9-year-old gang rape victim was reportedly sleeping on the couch at a home when the mother went with the four men to the garage to smoke meth. After the mother returned to the living room, the little girl was extremely upset, her clothes were in “disarray,” and the child cried to go home, the Daily Mail reports. The mother was hanging out at the home of a friend she had met in jail.

The following day, the 9-year-old girl reportedly told her mother that while she was gone, the four men took her into a bedroom and took turns raping her. The little girl said the men told her they would come back and kill her if she dared to tell anyone about what they had done. The mother called 911 to report the alleged gang rape after hearing what had happened to her daughter.

The child was reportedly able to identify one of her alleged rapists, Larson RonDeau, according to police reports. RonDeau agreed to answer questions when picked up by law enforcement officers but continually denied raping or sodomizing the little girl. The investigation ultimately led the officers to arrest the other three Utah men.

When the home where the alleged gang rape occurred was searched, officers reportedly found evidence that appears to support the child molestation and sexual assault claims, Fox6Now notes. Items found during the search include drug paraphernalia, marijuana, and blood-stained bedding.

It is currently unknown if the mother of the rape victim will also be facing child abuse charges related to the drug abuse and the lack of supervision the little girl was exposed to when the crime took place. The child, at least temporarily, has been removed from the mother’s home and placed in the custody of the state of Utah.

The 9-year-old gang rape victim’s grandmother, identified only as Elizabeth to protect the identity of the child, had this to say about the shocking child sex crime.

“I want justice taken care of. I want hardcore punishment for what they have done to this child, because that shouldn’t happen to anybody. My granddaughter doesn’t deserve to go through this. I’m very, very disgusted with people like that.”

Uintah County Sheriff’s Office representative Corporal Brian Fletcher said the alleged crime is still under investigation, and deputies are working diligently to make sure the 9-year-old girl is being given the support she needs and is being taken care of while under the supervision of the state.

“It affects all of us when these crimes occur,” the Uintah deputy added.

Corporal Fletcher also stated the young age of the gang rape victim makes the sexual assault case even more disturbing. The rights of the victim were deemed paramount by the Utah county sheriff’s office.

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