DEMOFall08: Hey Cosmo launches MyConcierge, Blaster

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HeyCosmo has launched two new free social utilities at DEMOfall 08, HeyCosmo MyConcierge and HeyCosmo Blaster.

HeyCosmo MyConcierge aims to eliminate the time wasted on everyday tasks such as finding a plumber at 3am or finding a restaurant on short notice by placing actual phone calls to service providers. Users enter their location and the type of business or service they need into HeyCosmo’s site, along with a list of requirements. Using the company’s “robo-call technology,” MyConcierge calls vendors or services to identify the ones that fit the user’s specific criteria.

HeyCosmo users receive a complete listing of all providers along with availability, price and other features without having to call each individually.

The idea is pretty cool, to quote HeyCosmo:

“The concept behind HeyCosmo MyConcierge is simple. Who hasn’t spent way too much time trying to find an electrician or a ride to the airport? Online directories and search engines are great, but there’s still a lot of manual work involved to see who is available for your timeslot and project, and can work within your budget,” said James Im, founder and CEO at Arsenal Interactive, Inc. “HeyCosmo MyConcierge handles the dirty work in 60 seconds or less – since we all have better things to do.”

HeyCosmo Blaster takes the same idea and applies it to social planning. Users enter a date, time, and place to meet up, along with the names and numbers of friends, and HeyCosmo Blaster makes simultaneous calls to all the user’s chosen recipients, complete with a personalized message and interactive options.

The service lets event organizers know, in real-time, who answered the call, listened to the message, and responded. Additionally, HeyCosmo’s model enables advertisers to deliver highly targeted messages to users. For instance, a group planning an overnight trip to Las Vegas can be given the option to hear specials on airfare, shows, restaurants, or clubs at the end of the call depending on the context of the message being delivered to the recipient.

Both very cool ideas, although we’re presuming limited to the United States at this time. If we get a video from DEMO, we’ll update the post with the demonstration.