‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: What We Know So Far

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale shocked and saddened viewers on Sunday night as fans watched one of the most beloved characters meet their end, but who? While Negan’s unlucky victim wasn’t shown, there are a few spoilers about Season 7 that can be revealed right now.

The first detail about The Walking Dead Season 7 is that the premiere air date will likely be in October, as usual. The show has been premiering in October since the start and judging by the calendar, it seems the premiere will either air on October 9 or 16.

While everyone wants to know the big spoiler, which is who did Negan kill in the Season 6 finale, that is being kept under wraps, and members of the cast have revealed that they still don’t know who Negan’s victim is!

The Walking Dead: Who Did Negan Kill In Season 6 finale?
According to Yibada, The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, has said that fans better buckle up for upcoming episodes because Season 7 is “going to be insane.”

“I think that the show is changing and evolving at such a rapid pace now that it is getting really exciting for me. It is unique for a show to get to the good stuff in the sixth and seventh season and I feel like that is what we are doing! And I am excited about that!”

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead Season 7 will also seemingly introduce a whole new group of survivors. In the Season 6 finale, Morgan and Carol are being helped out by members of another group, and it appears to be men from The Kingdom.

As comic book fans know, The Kingdom is a community whose leader is one of the most interesting characters in The Walking Dead Universe named Ezekiel. Ezekiel, the “King” of The Kingdom is an older man with long hair who surprisingly has a pet tiger commonly at his side.

During Talking Dead on Sunday night, writer Scott M. Gimple confirmed that Negan killing a member of Rick’s group was the end of a certain story and when Season 7 picks up in October with the reveal of the character’s death, that will be the beginning of a whole new story and era for The Walking Dead characters.

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman says the story for Season 7 is the breakdown of Rick’s confidence and the aftermath of the big death, meaning how it impacts the other members of the group.

If the dead character is Glenn, which would follow the comic book story line, then Maggie will have a very rough road ahead of her. She’s pregnant, and there could be a big problem with the baby. If she were to lose Glenn and her child, it would surely mean a downward spiral for her. Hasn’t enough already been taken from Maggie?

Sadly, if Daryl dies it would also have a huge impact on the group. Daryl is not only Rick’s right-hand man, he is like a brother to him. He has been more loyal and trustworthy that Shane ever was, as well as touched the hearts of many other members of the group, namely Carol, Aaron, and the late Beth.

The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers: What to expect, who did Negan kill?
As much as Daryl’s death would upset Rick and the gang, it seems that The Walking Dead fans would be even more enraged as Daryl Dixon is arguably the most popular and beloved character on the series, even though he doesn’t appear in the comics.

All the while, Abraham’s death would sadden the group greatly as well. Abraham’s ex-girlfriend, Rosita, would mourn his death, his current love interest Sasha seems to be falling for him, his best friend Eugene would be at a loss for words, and everyone, especially the fans, would miss his hilarious one-liners.

Sadly, everyone will have to wait until Season 7 of The Walking Dead premieres to find out who Negan killed and what new stories lie ahead.

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