Joan Rivers Handcuffs Herself To Costco Cart During Protest – Compares The Store To Nazi Germany

Joan Rivers handcuffed herself to a cart at Costco to protest the company’s refusal to sell her new book, I Hate Everything Starting with Me. Joan Rivers staged the Costco protest at a Burbank, California store to fight back against what she considers “unjust censorship” relating to racy jokes printed on the back cover of the book, TMZ reports.

Whether or not Joan River’s Costco protest was meant to be taken serious or merely as a comedic prank is left to the opinion of the videos viewers. Joan Rivers called out Costco on several points during the book banning protest, including an alleged infringement of her free speech rights.

After walking around the Burbank Costco store waving her book in the air and shouting about her distaste for the discount chain, she handcuffed herself to a shopping cart. An unsuspecting woman with two toddler girls shopping in the store suddlenly found her Costco cart a bit harder to push with Joan Rivers attached to the handle. Rivers had a difficult time figuring out how to make the handcuffs function properly, but, with the help of one of her camera-carrying helpers, she finally got herself locked onto the cart.

“Costco should not be like Nazi Germany. Next thing they’ll be burning the bible,” Joan Rivers stated in the Costco protest video.

Burbank police officers escorted Joan Rivers out of Costco, and no charges have been filed in response to the protest. Joan Rivers Costco protest may not get the discount chain to stock the book on their shelves but could garner more buzz about her book. A Rivers’ staffer carried a box of I Hate Everything Starting with Me and a little metal cash box around the store just in case Costco shoppers wanted to buy one during the protest, but, unfortunately for Joan Rivers, no one opened up their wallet.