Teen Saves Baseball Coach Having Heart Attack With Boy Scout First-Aid Training

An Arizona teen saved his baseball coach after he suffered a massive heart attack during training and collapsed on the field. The quick-thinking 13-year-old Nathan Boyer immediately jumped into action by utilizing first-aid training he learned in Boy Scouts. Boyer performed CPR on his coach, 26-year-old Isaac Wenrich, after calling 911 with a cellphone.

The Daily Mail reports that an Arizona teen is being hailed a hero after jumping into action to save his baseball coach during a massive heart attack. The 13-year-old Nathan Boyer was present when his young coach Isaac Wenrich fell “flat on his face” on the field. After the collapse, Nathan ran to his aid and when the coach did not respond, the teen immediately called 911 for help and began performing CPR. Nathan credits his Boy Scout first-aid training for his ability to provide the coach with proper CPR until emergency responders could arrive.

The coach’s girlfriend, Katy Huetter, says that if Nathan was not present during the heart attack that Isaac may not have made it. She took the time to thank the teen for his quick-thinking and actions.

“If he didn’t get CPR he would be gone. He would be dead right now. He’s everything to me. He’s my best friend so thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Meanwhile, Nathan said he recalled the CPR training he received a few years ago in Boy Scouts and said he remembered the basics.

“I remembered it from the Boy Scouts a couple of years ago. You just lock your hands together and start pushing on their chest.”

Isaac was rushed to the hospital by first responding firefighters and is still under hospital supervision. However, his girlfriend Katy says he is expected to make a full recovery, thanks to the CPR given by Nathan.


While WebMD recommends that everyone go through a certified CPR training class, they also offer a chart to show the basics of CPR as a reminder for those with basic training. The first step if you encounter an adult having a heart attack is to call for help. After help has been called, it is then suggested that CPR is performed until emergency responders arrive.

“Place two fingers on the spot where the ribs come together. Put the heel of your other hand just above your fingers on the breastbone.”

The page recommends at least 100 compressions per minute for adults and to press down at least two inches during each compression. For those with complete CPR training, the page suggests alternating breaths and compressions in a 30/2 pattern until help arrives.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, this is not the first time a fast acting teen saved someone with CPR training. At a Missouri Walmart, a 17-year-old teen heard an emergency announcement come over the loud speaker. The teen, Abby Snodgrass, went to see what was happening as she had CPR training. When she exited the dressing room she saw a baby on the ground who wasn’t breathing surrounded by a crowd and panicking mother. Abby immediately jumped into action and began giving CPR to the infant. The astonished crowd watched as the infant began breathing again.

“We are exceedingly grateful to the young woman who helped our daughter. Our daughter is home and healthy, and we couldn’t be more thankful.”

The infant was taken to the hospital and was expected to recover fully due to the young woman’s training from a health class at school.

What do you think of the teen’s quick thinking when his baseball coach collapsed on the field? Has your teen been through a CPR training course?

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