Will The British Royal Family Be Abolished? Historian Predicts End To Royals Within 14 Years

This weekend a British historian made the shocking prediction the U.K. will choose to abolish the thousand-year institution of the royal family after the Queen’s death, in a move sure to anger U.K. monarchists.

Dr. Anna Whitelock shocked Britain with her prediction the U.K. would kick the Royals out of Buckingham Palace because they don’t like the current crop of princes, according to the Express.

“As the older generation who are generally more wedded to the monarchy die out, the question of the future of the monarchy will become even more pressing, and then potentially more critical voices will come to the fore.”

The U.K. has shown great loyalty to Queen Elizabeth II, who is approaching her 90th birthday; but, the younger generation of Royals including Princes’ Charles, William and Harry are less popular with the public, reports the Mirror.

“Everybody, given her constancy and given her selflessness, thinks she’s a pretty amazing woman, regardless of where you stand on the monarchy debate.”

At least three quarters of the British public support the monarchy establishment, but the debate continues over whether the country is best served by continuing the practice of royalty. The U.K. spends about $475 million on the British royal family, according to a recent report from Republic.org.

Whitelock predicted Britain would grow tired of the Royal family under King Charles and vote to abolish the thousand year old institution and establish a Republic instead, reported the Express.

“I would say by 2030 there will be definite louder clamors for the eradication of the monarchy. I can’t say that there won’t be a monarchy. I would definitely say that the monarchy, its purpose, what it’s about, will be questioned and challenged in a way that it hasn’t been before.”

The shocking prediction comes as Buckingham Palace has announced none of the younger Royals will be on hand to celebrate the Queen’s 90 birthday with the rest of the nation. Instead, they will celebrate the life of Queen Elizabeth II on her actual birthday, Thursday, April 21.

The debate over whether to continue the monarchy comes as Britain is debating whether to remain in the European Union in a move commonly referred to as Brexit.

The EU has been hit hard with the Brussels terror attacks that killed more than 30 people and injured another 270. Following the horrific terror attacks, it has been revealed that the ease of movement within EU borders combined with the human flood of immigrants has allowed terrorists into the continent.

A poll conducted by ISIS supporters shows Britain as the most popular target for the next Islamic State attack.

The latest polls show the British are sharply divided over the issue with 43 percent wanting to leave the EU and 39 percent wanting to stay, while another 18 percent remain undecided. The question will likely be decided by the youth vote, half of which aren’t likely to vote on the referendum at all.

The idea of the Brexit referendum has spread across the European continent and now France and Germany are both considering holding nationwide votes of their own to consider leaving the EU.

What do you think? Should Britain abolish the Royal family?

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