Ben Carson Says Donald Trump ‘Has Major Defects,’ How Will This ‘Restore The Confidence Of The American People’?

On a Sunday radio show, Ben Carson stated that frontrunner and GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump has some “major defects.” This is surprising when just a little over three weeks ago, Carson endorsed the controversial would-be candidate at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. Not long before that, Carson ended his own presidential campaign.

Seemingly in the next breath after talking about his former competitor’s weaknesses, Carson talked about how Trump will be the person who can strengthen the faith and confidence of U.S. citizens.

“Right now what we need is somebody who can help restore the confidence of the American people. No one believes in the government anymore.”

A large part of the faith that needs rejuvenation is the belief that whoever is elected will have the best interest of the people–all people–at heart, and this includes all ethnic groups, all religious groups, and all genders.

Carson’s endorsement is strange and probably one that isn’t likely to garner votes for Trump who is now having his share of troubles when it comes to public perception. His negative words about Mexicans, women, and Muslims have caused many to wonder why he is running.

For many, Ben Carson’s support of his former contender was astounding. Early in the campaign, Trump repeatedly stated that Carson was lying about significant events in his life that he had written, and repeatedly, talked about. Trump also joked about Carson’s low-key style, stating that he had no energy and even compared his competitor’s alleged tendency to lie to that of a child molester. Despite this, Carson said he cannot endorse anyone else, per the Huffington Post.

“Everybody believes that we are weak, we are weak on the world stage, we’re not doing things that make sense economically.”

Ben Carson -“Right now what we need is somebody who can help restore the confidence of the American people,”

Carson has further stated that he doesn’t merely judge an individual by what he says, but rather, looks at the totality of his life, noted Yahoo Politics. He has previously spoken about there being two Donald Trumps, the one the public sees on the stage and the other, an introspective man who is “cerebral” and has incredible “business acumen.” This may well elicit the question as to who is the authentic Donald Trump and how a voter would know which one would run the country if elected.

In the Cats Round Table interview, Carson spoke about how few, if any, of Trump’s employees speak badly of him, how well his children turned out, and how he built a successful business “albeit his father left him a lot of money.” In spite of all the compliments, Carson asked himself, “Are there better people?” [to run for/become president], and he answered his own question, “Probably,” but added, “But one of the things we have to do is we have broaden our pool from which we select our leaders.”

It is an unusual endorsement that conflicts with all the praise bestowed on the now Republican frontrunner. Carson explains why the presidential contender himself is conflicted, added Yahoo Politics.

“He has some major defects, there’s no question about it — just like the rest of us. But I think he is willing to listen to other people. He may not say that publicly because there is a humility issue there that could perhaps use some polishing.”

Ben Carson’s statements won’t be helpful to his endorsee in the long run and has many scratching their heads as to why he chose to endorse Trump and if pointing out a candidate’s flaws can somehow prove beneficial.

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