‘Trump’s America’ ‘Boston Globe’ Parody Gets Volatile Mixed Reactions

“Trump’s America,” a fake front-page that imagines a world with The Donald as POTUS, National-Lampooned the editorial section of the Boston Globe today. Responses are running the gamut from anger to hilarity.

The “Trump’s America” spoof begins with a headline, “Deportations to Begin.” In a “Breaking News”-captioned column, Trump is quoted as ordering the deportment of illegals “so fast your head will spin.”

The Trump-In-Cheek page continues with additional topics such as “Curfews Extended in Multiple Cities,” “U.S. Soldiers Refuse Orders to Kill ISIS Families,” “New Libel Law Targets ‘Absolute Scum’ in Press.”

The page’s “Inside” section displayed a group of teasers that seemed normal at first glance, but then elicited a double take.

“NASA engineers halted the launch of an unmanned probe amid fears that its new gold leaf trim would interfere with radio communications.”

“Japanese Emperor Akihito formally censured Ambassador Kid Rock for a speech calling on US allies to ‘Let the [expletive] business guy run the [expletive] country like a [expletive] business.’ ”

“Heavy spring snow closed Trump National Park for the first time since it dropped its loser name, Yellowstone, in January.”

” ‘A Trumping to Remember,’ the president’s first romance novel, was yanked from the shelves after the publisher acknowledged portions were cribbed from a May, 1986, edition of Penthouse.”

With the satirical piece, the Boston Globe issued an editorial statement, along with an invitation for further discussion.

“Many Americans might find this vision appealing, but the Globe’s editorial board finds it deeply troubling. Discuss your thoughts below.”

Before noon today, the section was teeming with reactions.

“I respect the Globe for writing an editorial that expresses a fear that many people have if either Trump or Cruz occupy the oval office. Trump supporters don’t seem to listen to what he is actually saying. After every outrageous proclamation, they say: ‘Oh he doesn’t really mean it, he’s just a little rough around the edges because he’s not a politician’. Or when the press reports exactly what he said you will hear: ‘Well the press is just trying to bring him down, they’re all a bunch of cowards’. The scary thing about both Trump and Cruz is that mean exactly what they say, and the GOP has no way to stop the nomination process. One of these two will be the nominee. There are no adults in the room.” – Jibjibe

“It’s a really scary world where the Red Sox don’t make the front page.” -FenwayFrank

“The entire problem with this election, our voters and many commenters (sic) is that this election’s ballots are not being cast FOR anybody, but rather against Obama and/or the republican establishment. I applaud the Globe for the front page mock-up and think it should do one for all candidates (‘First I’ll break up the big banks, and then I’ll tax them and make them pay their fair share’ says Bernie Sanders, not sure how you tax something after you have eliminated it). We have a scary, brilliant former member of the ultra-young republicans; a bombastic, spoiled, bully for whom nobody is off limits for his personal attacks, though threatens to sue when he is the target; an angry, elder starry eyed idealist/absolutist whose rhetoric lines up with the executive officers of your local high school’s ACLU branch; and well, where do I start, one member of a couple who believes rules apply to others, not them. I worry for my children.” – Boston Roots

“If Trump was elected, there would be NO Boston Globe on April 9, 2017. Our free press would be gone, journalists would be locked up in prison, and media outlets bankrupted by frivolous lawsuits. The result would be a state-run newspaper that spews forth only Trump’s point of view. See Russia, China, et al.” – BillEGoat

“Stop the Republican Party altogether, that’s what is needed.” – ThatsMrNorthupToYou

There were a number of questions as to whether Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz would be in the lineup for following Sundays, but the Boston Globe has not responded.

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