Watch Bernie Sanders Rally In Madison, Wisconsin Live Online: Streaming Video, Full Replay Of April 3 Rally With Rosario Dawson And Shailene Woodley

Viewers can watch the Bernie Sanders rally from Madison, Wisconsin, live online and see if a pair of big-name actresses can help Sanders make an impression before Tuesday’s big vote.

Sanders will be joined by Rosario Dawson and Shailene Woodley in Sunday night’s rally, which begins at 8 p.m. ET. The rally will be one of the last opportunities for Sanders to continue the momentum that has taken him from a double-digit underdog in Wisconsin to having a 70 percent chance of winning according to polls compiled by FiveThirtyEight.

Full live streaming video of the Bernie Sanders rally in Madison, Wisconsin, can be found below.

Those who watch the Bernie Sanders April 3 rally live online will see what could be an important new surrogate for Sanders going forward. At his massive rally in the Bronx this week, Sanders had the support of actress Rosario Dawson, who invigorated the crowd with her passionate support of the Vermont Senator.

Dawson represents two important demographics for Sanders, both women and Latino voters, areas where Hillary Clinton has dominated in primaries to date but where Sanders has been steadily making up ground.

“I’m seeing someone who has dreamers already working for him and with him — you know?” Dawson said about Sanders (via the New York Daily News). “No one is doing that. That, to me, is very encouraging.”

Aside from her support in the Bronx, Dawson also participated in a panel discussion in Harlem that was chaired by Ebony magazine editor-in-chief Kerna Mayo and included actress Tessa Thompson, author Michelle Alexander and criminal justice advocate Donna Hylton.

“We need a politician, a President, who will tell us the truth,” said Alexander. “Someone who will be willing to be accountable to us and not to corporations.”

As he makes up ground on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders has consistently pushed the message that he is the stronger candidate to face Donald Trump in November. He has also noted the groundswell of support for his campaign, including many people who previously had no part in politics.

“We have received over six million individual campaign contributions averaging 27 dollars apiece — I believe that is the future of the Democratic Party,” Sanders at a Milwaukee rally this week (via ABC News).

That momentum is manifesting in Wisconsin, once seen as a safe state for Hillary Clinton but now up in the air heading into Tuesday’s vote. Polls in the past week have shown Sanders to hold a slim but consistent lead over Clinton, and a win there could help Sanders build even more momentum going into more difficult states for him like New York.

Sanders’ support has been growing in Wisconsin as well. This week he picked up the endorsement of Eric Genrich, a Wisconsin legislator from Green Bay, who argued that Sanders has the best record on foreign policy to lead the United States.

“Senator Sanders demonstrated this kind of judgment in opposing the Iraq War. He has called on Syria’s Middle East neighbors to take a more active role in isolating President Assad’s murderous regime. And Sanders has offered thoughtful and judicious comments on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as a proud friend and former resident of the state of Israel and as a Jewish-American.

“That record matters to me.”

Viewers who miss the live stream of Bernie Sanders’ April 3 rally from Madison, Wisconsin, can find the full replay at the embedded video above.

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