‘RHOA’ NeNe Leakes Speaks Out About Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas’ Marriage Troubles And Hints The Show May Not Be Renewed For Season 9

Real Housewives Of Atlanta final reunion episode will air tonight on Bravo TV, and so far a hot topic of the reunion show for Season 8 have been Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’ marriage (or lack thereof). NeNe has spoken out to reveal her advice to Cynthia and Peter, and whether she thinks the show will be renewed for Season 9.

The Grio reports that NeNe has a few things to say about Peter and Cynthia’s marriage, explaining that it isn’t broken beyond repair. Leakes believes they can fix it, but it will take effort on the part of both parties to get to a better place. She reveals that several years ago, she and Greg had some marital issues but they were able to work on their marriage. Now, they are stronger than ever.

“I know Cynthia and Peter are going through a hard time, and obviously I went through a hard time on the show with my marriage, I would just say to Cynthia, and do say this to her everyday that we talk. She needs to keep it private… keep it personal right now. If her and Peter want to separate for a little while to get their heads right that’s okay. Maybe they just need a break. I do not suggest divorcing just because you guys are upset with each other. I say give it some time.”

Recently, Cynthia confirmed to Bravo that her marriage to Peter was not in a good place, and they were “not together anymore.” The once happy couple had a hard time this season after Cynthia found out that Peter (may have allegedly) cheated on him with an unidentified woman; the worst part was, it incident was all caught on video.

“We are definitely not together. I have been taking some time for myself to just kind of figure out how I would like to move forward. We haven’t officially done anything at this point, but we are definitely talking about taking steps to officially move forward in a different direction.”

Cynthia continues to argue that Peter has never cheated on her. She states that she doesn’t think he completed “the act” of cheating on her. Knowing what she knows now about the situation, which she can’t say, he isn’t entirely innocent either.

“I’ve never thought that Peter has cheated on me. I don’t believe. And that doesn’t mean it’s not true. But I just don’t believe when I was seeing [the video]. Now I don’t know about today. That’s a whole different situation. We’re not talking that much now. When all that stuff was out there, I never believed that he actually cheated on me.”

NeNe was asked by The Grio if she’d consider coming back to Real Housewives of Atlanta for Season 9 and reclaim her Georgia peach. Leakes explained that RHOA had not called anyone about returning for the next season, so she wasn’t sure what her plans would be with the show. She explained that she would always make time for Bravo because they helped launch her career. And, she noted, that she was pretty sure that RHOA will return next season, but as a cable show, sometimes the network’s plans can change from season to season.

RHOA fans, do you think Peter and Cynthia will divorce in the next few months? Will the show return for another season, and who do you think will be returning? Voice your opinion about Real Housewives of Atlanta in the comment section below and come back later for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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