Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pre-Orders Now Available on Steam

Earlier today, Valve announced that pre-orders for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have gone live, and that the full game is set to release a mere two weeks from now on August 21. For PlayStation 3 owners, pre-orders will open on August 14.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is listed at $14.99 over on Steam, but you can actually get it for a couple of dollars cheaper–$13.49, to be specific–if you put in a pre-order before the game’s released. If that’s not incentive enough, pre-ordering also nets you guaranteed access to the final beta phase, which kicks off on August 14.

If you’d rather pick up the game on a console, PlayStation 3 users can actually grab the game at an even lower price–provided you happen to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. If you are, you can pick up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is part of the summer “PSN Play” promotion, at 20% off of its normal price.

When the full version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launches on August 21, players can expect to see more than 45 weapons, all-new game modes, much improved visuals, achievement support and “loads” of maps, new and old.

Additionally, Valve is holding a sale on Steam where you can pick up allCounter-Strike games–including Global Offensive–for only $18.69 through the “Counter-Strike: Complete” collection.