How One Wrong Move Found Henry Cavill Naked And Peeing From The Roof Of A Hotel

Henry Cavill walked around a Los Angeles hotel completely naked, according to Instinct Magazine. The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice star revealed the embarrassing story during his interview with Seth Meyers.

It appears that guests and staff members of a Los Angeles hotel got particularly lucky when Henry Cavill accidentally locked himself out of his room and had to walk around the hotel naked. Henry Cavill told the host of the late night talk show that it all started with him waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. But things didn’t work out exactly as he had expected, as the 32-year-old actor chose the wrong door and instead of ending up in his hotel room’s bathroom, he ended up walking into the hotel’s hallway, flashing his naked body in front of the hotel’s guests and personnel.

The story took place right after Henry Cavill was cast as Superman in 2013’s Man of Steel film, as revealed by the actor.

“I passed out a bit jetlagged and I woke up to the sound of my door closing in my hotel room. Of course, I then realized that I was on the outside of my door — and I had no clothes on.”

Henry Cavill explained that he forgot on which side of the bed there was the entrance to the hotel room and the bathroom. So he just went straight for the first door he saw upon waking up naked.

And that’s how the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor ended up in the hallway completely naked and, obviously, without the keys to his room, as the door closed behind him. That makes perfect sense. But what doesn’t make sense to a lot of people is Henry Cavill’s latest film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is pretty confusing and needs to be explained, according to Slate. But luckily there is a deleted scene that clears up at least some of the confusion.

But let’s return to Henry Cavill’s hotel problem. The actor is standing in the hallway completely naked with no keys to his closed hotel room and he desperately needs to relieve himself. So where is the 32-year-old actor going to go?

“Naked and peeing in a hotel hallway is pretty bad. I was looking up and down the hallway and I was checking out pot plants of all sorts… I thought, ‘Do I pee in there? What if someone catches me? That’s pretty bad.'”

But then Henry Cavill recalled there was a fire escape and on the top floor there was a pool area. So the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor thought there must be a bathroom up there. But he ran into a new problem: when he got up there, everything was closed on the roof, as it was around 3 a.m.

But Henry Cavill needed to pee desperately, and it was getting worse and worse by the second, so he ended up peeing off the top of the hotel.

“I felt like a little boy again. Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t quite solved the problem because I was locked outside my hotel room naked — and on the roof now.”

When Henry Cavill mustered up the courage and rode the elevator down the lobby, he told the receptionist that he had locked himself out of his hotel room, and asked for his keys to get back in. And what amazed the actor was that the receptionist was cool about it, as if it wasn’t the first time he saw a naked man walking around the hallway looking for a place to pee.

“And I was thinking, ‘How often does this happen at this hotel? Why have I met no one else in the hallway at this stage, high-fiving naked dudes walking past?'”

So the receptionist called a security guy, who accompanied Henry Cavill to his hotel room and let him back in. The actor revealed that he didn’t sleep for the rest of that night and he was certain that it had been all caught on camera and that he would lose his job the next morning.

And it seems that peeing, or rather than inability to pee, is an ongoing issue for Henry Cavill. According to Vulture, Henry Cavill redesigned his Superman costume to make it easier to pee “without 20 minutes of prep work.”

As Christian Bale previously said on the same issue, “You don’t feel much like a superhero when someone else has to help you pee.”

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Bai Superteas]

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