Louis Tomlinson’s Rollercoaster Life — Wild Partying, Daddy Duties, And Warring Women

Louis Tomlinson has had a roller-coaster week jumping from the club to the crib to the position of playing referee to the warring women in his life. And to round the week off nicely, a cute new picture of the One Direction star with his girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, has just surfaced on social media.

It appears the couple have been dining together, finishing Louis’ busy week on a sweet note.

Ever the Doncaster lad, Louis took some time out to hit the club with some friends from his hometown. One of them tweeted that they had enjoyed a “wild night.” Could Louis be seeking a break from the tense situation between his family, new girlfriend, and baby mama Briana, previously reported by Yahoo! Celebrity?

The previous day, Louis was spotted out with Danielle, his mother, Johannah Deakin, and her husband. Johannah is reportedly helping Louis to manage his money and decide how much financial support Briana will secure.

“It’s tense. Louis and Briana’s parents don’t seem to get on at all. Louis’ mum helps him look after his money and what he spends. She is helping her son decide what Briana gets. Briana’s family just want to be certain that Louis is going to look after her and the baby. They want to come to an agreement, but it’s not easy.”

Briana is not a fan of Louis’ new girlfriend. Sugarscape previously reported that the blonde regards Danielle as “nonexistent” and is still determined to secure the heartthrob for herself.

At least Briana appears to have finally lifted the ban on Danielle meeting baby Freddie, probably at the urging of lawyers. Danielle, Freddie, and Louis were photographed together for the first time this week, according to Dolly.

Louis has not forgotten his tiny siblings — cute photos of Louis with Johannah’s baby twins, Doris and Ernest, have also emerged.

Louis has so many infants and toddlers in his life right now! It’s a good thing he also has the support of his best friend and assistant Oli Wright, who used to date Briana’s cousin, Ashley, and who was snapped helping Louis haul Freddie’s baby carrier along in LA.


Fans observed that, while Briana may have finally permitted Danielle to meet Freddie, she seems to feel competitive indeed with Louis’ new love.

Soon after Danielle was photographed with Louis, Briana took to Instagram to post an adorable new photo of Freddie, showing his tiny feet.

Fans observed that Louis’ ex and current love often seem to be “fighting for attention.”

Briana’s cousin, Ashley, gushed about the new picture, while Briana’s grandmother, who broke the news about Freddie’s birth earlier this year, caught the attention of fans today when she made some controversial comments.

Cousin Ashley also earned the ire of some Directioners when she spoke out about Briana’s former ban on Danielle Campbell meeting Freddie. Ashley, like Briana, has a dismissive attitude to the actress — she asked fans to consider why Briana would allow her son to bond with a “random girl” (referring to Danielle)!

Disagreement broke out between the Briana and Danielle fan communities as fans clashed over whether Louis’ women and their supporters are showing one another due respect.

Some people thought Ashley was cheeky indeed to call Danielle a “random girl” when she is known to fans only through her cousin Briana.

Some people still seem to believe the story that Briana was a casual hookup of Louis’, or perhaps a “beard” hired by One Direction management. Briana haters shot back at Ashley, saying that Briana herself is merely “a random girl,” and that the blonde mother should gag her outspoken cousin because the irony is just too much.

Does Louis Tomlinson have a lot to deal with these days?

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]