Creepy Video Of ‘Possessed Baby’ Balancing On The Side Of His Crib Spooks Millions On YouTube [Video]

A creepy “nanny cam” video of a “possessed toddler” balancing precariously on the side rail of his crib with his eyes glowing eerily in the dark has spooked millions of YouTube users around the world. But after many viewers of the disturbing footage raised questions about its authenticity, the parents of the child, Chuck and Kate Booth, appeared on Inside Edition and confirmed that the spine-tingling footage was “raw and unedited.”

The scary video clip taken on a “nanny cam” shows a distressed infant or toddler named Conner Booth, wailing for his mummy after being left alone in his room in the middle of night. The wailing child then appears to climb onto the side of his crib while crying and mumbling in discontent.

The child hauls his body on top of the side rail of the crib. He climbs on all fours before he rises to his feet. The he balances dangerously on the railing for more than 20 seconds, holding out his arms and screaming in the dark for his mummy. His eyes flash and glow eerily in the dark due to reflected light as he screams.

After standing on the railing for several seconds he loses balance, falls back against his crib mobile and lands with an audible thud on the crib. And after falling, he continues wailing and screaming in the dark, with his crib mobile swaying above him in the dark, eerily.

According to some viewers, the child’s mannerisms, his strange noises with blood-curdling screams and wails, glowing eyes in the dark room has an eerie, spine-tingling quality that gives an intense feeling of a paranormal event. Many commented that the footage is reminiscent of classic horror movies, such as The Omen and The Exorcist.

Spooked viewers nicknamed the child “possessed toddler,” while others called him a “demon child.”

The roughly 50-second video, titled “Possessed Baby Crib Surfing — Incredible Balance,” uploaded to YouTube by users Chris and Keelan Chronicles on March 9, 2016, has gone viral with more than 4 million views.

According to the video description, the clip was “Caught on nanny cam in the middle of the night… No children were harmed. This is not my child in the video.”

The parents of the child have been identified as Chuck and Kate Booth. After the footage sparked a debate online with some questioning its authenticity and saying it had been edited, Chuck and Kate Booth appeared recently on Inside Edition.

The couple told Inside Edition that the video was “raw and unedited.”

“I assure America [the video] is real,” Chuck said.

The parents also wanted everybody to know that their son was not possessed. The child’s eerily glowing eyes was caused by the night vision camera installed in the room, they explained.

But they admitted that they were shocked when they saw the video and watched their son climbing up onto the side of his crib and balancing on top of the railing for more than 20 seconds of the footage.

Online viewers had raised doubts about the authenticity of the footage, pointing out that the child’s movements as he climbed onto the railing appeared to have a CGI quality. Some also claimed to have noticed abrupt transitions in the video as the child fell from the railing back into his crib.

Infant's feet in a crib
Infant in a crib [Image via Shutterstock]
Others argued that the child’s blood-curling screams appeared to have been superimposed. Still others argued that the ease with which the infant pulled himself up on the railing suggested arm strength and balance that is unusual for a young child.

A few suggested that the footage could be part of a marketing campaign. A viewer criticized the parents and accused them of trying to make money from an unfortunate incident.

“I love how the parents split the video in two parts so they can clearly make money off of them… sickening.”

“This will end up being part of a horror movie.”

“I’m gonna say this is fake, cos I wanna sleep tonight.”

“This is fake as your mom’s b**b*”

“When he drops on the bed, there is some movement at the right corner… looks fake kinda.

“Did anyone else see a dark creepy spirit in the video?”

A paranormal investigator, Ashley Darkwood, agreed it was unlikely that the child was possessed. The paranormal expert told Metro she did not think the child’s parents would have uploaded the video online if their child was suffering the effects of spirit possession.

“Not possessed it’s just good at balancing… It would however been scary if the baby fell forwards.”

According to Darkwood, her previous experience shows that spirits possessing young children try to avoid detection. The child thus exhibits only subtle symptoms that are difficult to detect without the help of an expert.

“It is, of course, possible that the child has abnormally good balance for its age!” Darkwood told Metro.

Viewers who believed the parents’ claim that the video was real reasoned that the child was “just good at balancing.” They noted that the side rail appeared broader than usual and that it could explain why the child was able to balance on it.

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