‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Asks Questions, Quinn Scrambles, And Wyatt Makes An Enormous Discovery

'Bold and Beautiful' star Scott Clifton

What can viewers expect in the coming week on The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers tease that there will be stunning developments related to the Liam situation at last, and fans will not want to miss these episodes. Wyatt gets a shocker, Quinn panics, and Katie’s downward spiral continues as the week of April 4 plays out.

According to Bold and Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central, Liam will have some intense questions for “Eve” once she returns to the cabin. As viewers saw on Friday’s episode, he finished the composite sketch of the woman he had been seeing as he looked at the photo albums, and he knows that there is something significant that Eve has been hiding from him.

Quinn surely will be frantic as she tries to answer “Adam’s” questions as Eve, knowing that her scheme is on the brink of exploding. Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Wyatt and Steffy will be embracing their newlywed moments, but they may not last for long. Quinn heads to a dark place as the coming week plays out, and her plan to keep her captive away from Wyatt and Steffy is about to implode.

We Love Soaps shares that during Wednesday’s show, Liam reconnects with someone close to him and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that his memories flood back at last. Just who is the loved one? While everybody is anxious to see him reunite with Steffy, it sounds as if fans will have to hold tight on that front for just a bit longer.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Wyatt heads to the cabin and he is shocked to find his brother there. Quinn will be desperate to convince her son to help her continue this charade, but will he really go along with such a nutty scheme?

Teasers detail that Liam will be quite overwhelmed as this all plays out. Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that the two brothers will have to work together during Friday’s show to gain an edge on Quinn. It sounds as if she may be trying to keep both guys stuck in the cabin so as to keep them from getting back to Steffy, but this plan surely will fall apart rather quickly.

It is known that Liam and Steffy will come face-to-face soon, but it looks like it may take a few episodes yet before that comes together. Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that throughout the coming week, Bill will start an intensive search to figure out where his son has been. He connects with Steffy to try to figure this out, but of course, they don’t know a thing about what the security cameras caught in the parking lot on that fateful day.

The coming week also brings some drama related to Katie and her drinking. Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that she will be putting a lot of pressure on Brooke, seemingly exploiting Brooke’s desire to help and protect her sister. The drinking will surely continue, and it looks like Katie has a ways to go before she hits rock bottom.

Can Katie turn things around and save her marriage to Bill, or will her drinking pave the way to an emotional split? How far will Quinn go to try to salvage her wicked plan, and when do Liam and Steffy finally reunite? There is a great deal of drama on the way in this coming week and fans of The Bold and the Beautiful cannot wait to finally see it all play out.

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