Todd Palin Home From Hospital Recovering From Snowmobiling Accident

Todd Palin made it home from the hospital after suffering a bad accident that left him in intensive care recently.

NBC News reports that two weeks after Palin’s snowmobiling accident, he’s at home healing with family. Palin suffered broken and fractured ribs, a broken shoulder blade, broken clavicle, knee/leg injuries; and a collapsed lung on March 13. It occurred north of the Palins’ Wasilla home in Alaska. The near-fatal experience took place when Todd’s wife, Sarah Palin, was stumping for GOP presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, in Tampa. The former 2008 vice presidential candidate remained supportive of her husband in spite of her loaded schedule.

Todd Palin in the hospital before his release (Photo Credit: Facebook).

Sarah filled everyone in on her husband’s recovery in a post on her Facebook page Thursday.

“So grateful for your prayers and support during Todd’s recovery!” Sarah wrote. “He’s in a good place — on the couch — insisting if there’s any good season for injury, it’s now.”

Todd Palin is back home from the hospital resting comfortably. Prior to his release from the hospital, Sarah posted a couple photos of him in his hospital bed, hooked up to monitors and machines. A photo of Todd was also seen of him sitting next to their son, Trig, back at home. The 51-year-old joked that “March Madness is a great distraction” for him while he recovers. Sarah wrote in her Facebook post that Todd thanks everyone for their well wishes.

Todd has also caught up watching Deadliest Catch and Bering Sea Gold episodes. He can’t wait to get to Bristol Bay to pick fish with the rest of the family, his wife revealed.

“In our 35 years, I’ve never seen the guy have to literally hold still, sit down, and take a (winced) breath,” Sarah added in her Facebook post. “And I’ve never seen Todd so touched by the kindness shown during difficult days.”

Sarah Palin shared with supporters that Todd felt overwhelmed and said, “I’m not worthy of these well-wishes.”

“I wish I could repay people for caring,” Todd told Sarah. “Makes me want to do more for others, especially when they’re down and out. Maybe that’s part of the purpose in all this.”

Todd Palin home from the hospital with son, Trigg.
Todd Palin home from the hospital with son, Trig (Photo Credit: Facebook).

Todd is one to put others first, according to Sarah.

“He’s got a great heart… to go along with two inflated lungs now, metal holding bones together, and stitched up epidermis that makes him appreciate good health more than ever,” she wrote.

Todd and Sarah Palin have been married for 35 years. In all that time, Sarah shares that she’s never seen her husband so touched by well-wishers. Soon after the snowmobiling accident, Sarah wrote on her Facebook page that her husband is the “toughest guy I know.”

With Donald Trump now campaigning in Wisconsin and Todd Palin home from the hospital, Sarah has headed in that direction. The Chicago Tribune reports that the former Alaskan governor was met with a “tepid” response from crowds at Milwaukee County Republican gathering Friday night. Conversely, crowds at American Serb Hall for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz were enthusiastic. Cruz was introduced by Gov. Scott Walker and talk radio host Vicki McKenna.

Sarah Palin had a rough start when she apparently opened with a call for unity among the candidates in supporting former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Jerry Kramer’s induction into the NFL Hall of Fame, a joke that the report wrote, “mostly fell flat.”

Palin continued by criticizing capitalists on Wall Street for profiting from open borders, free trade, and military intervention while the average American suffers.

“The establishment’s interest runs counter to the interests of the people,” Palin said. “Common sense is an endangered species in Washington.”

Now that Todd Palin is back home from the hospital, Sarah will continue her role for Donald Trump’s campaign.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]