Ryan Lochte Wants To Be On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Ryan Lochte is ready to trade his Olympic swimming Speedo for a more modest and perhaps more glittery outfit and join the cast of Dancing With The Stars. Ryan Lochte, 28, told CBS News that, when his world moves beyond the swimming pool, he would like to take a spin around the dance floor. Stage fright should not be a problem for the Lochte, who won a gold medal in the 400m individual medley during the London Olympics.

Ryan Lochte’s growing popularity, especially with the female audience, would likely help him land a spot on the ABC Dancing With The Stars series, but it may have to wait until after the 2016 Olympics. Lochte told iVillage that he hopes to be on the Olympic stage at least another four years.

“Oh yeah, that was my long-term goal, going to 2016 and you know, if I am still having fun at 2016, I’m going to go another four years,” gold medalist Ryan Lochte told iVillage in a post-event Olympics interview.

Lochte will need to remember that peeing in the pool when competing for medals and American pride may be considered appropriate, but his Dancing With The Stars partner might frown on soggy stilettos.

Ryan Lochte welcomes some competition from his pal Michael Phelps on Dancing With The Stars. The Olympic team members could continued their friendly rivalry on dry land if Phelps is also willing to trade his swim trunks for some glitzy dancewear. Ryan Lochte feels that since he is already so used to competing against Michael Phelps, the two could easily handle and likely enjoy the strutting their stuff in the event one more time on the Dancing With The Stars stage.