Ann Coulter Thinks Trump Will ‘Crush’ Opponents With Slight Increase In White Vote

Ann Coulter is either a secret weapon for Donald Trump, or she is going to be the death of his campaign. The long-time political pundit has long been a supporter of the New York businessman and she honestly believes he is both the best choice for president in this election and has the best chance of winning. Despite making comments in the last few days such as claiming Trump is “mental,” Ann Coulter went on talk radio and recently laid out what she believes is his easiest path to the White House.

Coulter made comments about her expectations for The Donald’s campaign while she was talking to PJTV. While appearing on that show, Coulter also talked about her belief that the media is firmly lined up against her candidate of choice. Ann Coulter also believes one of the reasons she’s finding it harder to get booked on television shows this year is because she supports the GOP frontrunner.

“I’ve been right from the beginning. Try to find me on TV. I’m what’s known as a Trump supporter. Banned,” Ann Coulter said on the show (the 11-minute mark is where Coulter starts talking about Donald Trump.) She also pointed out the political pundits believed Ted Cruz was going to be making a real surge once Rubio dropped out of the race. Instead, she said the belief that a vote for someone other than Trump is some sort of statement that they hate him. Coulter thinks people like Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes. Ann Coulter said the radio host has become rather famous because he’s been part of the “anybody but Trump” movement.

Ann Coulter also took umbrage with the way people like Sykes have been going up against her candidate. Coulter assumes the fight against the New York tycoon has largely been based on some sort of heartburn over the way he’s behaved on the campaign trail and there isn’t much substance to the #NeverTrump movement. It was when Ann moved onto just how the Republican upstart could win the election that she unleashed her true vitriol, still squarely aimed at liberals in general and Democrats in particular.

As Real Clear Politics pointed out, Ann Coulter thinks that unless the Immigration act of 1965 has changed the country to a massive degree, Donald still has a better than average chance to win the election as long as he goes hard after the white vote. She added that Trump isn’t going to lose any of the places Mitt Romney won in the 2008 election and Ann honestly believes there is a really good chance Donald will be able to pick up voters as long as he courts white voters in some other very important states.

The political pundit says where the Republican nominee needs to pick up the white vote in the industrial Midwest. Ann Coulter believes there is the sudden belief so-called “Purple States” are unwinnable because there aren’t enough white voters in those regions. She pointed directly to “this guy Stuart Stevens who lost a winnable campaign in 2012” as the reason the GOP is writing those states off. Ann Coulter ticked off several states (Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, N.H., Maine, Illinois, Colorado) she supposes the white vote needs to go up just a little bit. She also said if the white vote does indeed go up just a bit, it will mean the Republican nominee will “crush the electoral college” in the general election.

Not surprisingly, not everyone believes attempting to win the white vote is the path to the White House for the GOP. The man Ann Coulter called out in the video made it quite clear with a video on Twitter that he believes Ann Coulter’s approach to this election is one that will only spell massive disaster for the Republicans in 2016.

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