Drake ‘Punk’d’ By Ashton Kutcher? Oh Yeah, It Happened — Full Episode

Drake “Punk’d” by Ashton Kutcher? During an interview with James Corden, Drake’s prankster mentioned the episode as his favorite moment. And here’s the full prank.

Drake was heavily targeted by Ashton’s Punk’d crew. While the Punk’d cast attempted several times to catch Drake slipping, they had difficulties because of his “tightly-knit” crew. However, they came up with a fail-proof idea.

As Kutcher told James Corden, the Views from the 6 artist was freaking out in the car. And Ashton wasn’t kidding. He also mentioned that, although they used a lot of Drake’s footage, there were still scenes that were cut from production. He stated that, at one point, Drake was actually in the fetal position — in his backseat partner’s lap.

According to the MTV episode of Punk’d, Drake thought he was about to meet the Vice President of the United States. This was the idea Kutcher and his crew developed in order to get Drake on-location. However, as the prank, they planned to simulate an earthquake within a parking garage and watch Drake freak out. Yet, there was more to the event than Drake was prepared to handle.

Before Drake arrived at the prank destination, he enjoyed the drive over with “Secret Service” agents. The driver complimented Drake’s music and mentioned being a “huge fan.” By this, Drake was impressed and said that he was going to let his mom know that the U.S. Secret Service likes his music. You can watch the full Punk’d episode below.

Drake Gets Punk’d

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If you watched the Punk’d video, you’ll notice that Drake immediately felt endangered during and after the “earthquake.” He even questioned why they were inside of a parking garage — thinking that the structure could collapse on them.

As he expressed his concern to his partner, Drake mentioned that it was his first earthquake, ever. Likewise, his partner agreed that it was also his first time. Frantically, Drake stated that he thought they were going to explode.

While he thought the “Secret Service” agent was going to get help, the man simply disappeared. That’s when the Views from the 6 artist was confront by another party: a man and pregnant woman. Seemingly, the couple tried to move past Drake’s vehicle. However, from the situation, the “Views” rapper was blocking the only way out.

At that point, Drake’s Punk’d position escalated further as the couple became aggressive. They demanded that Drake move the truck. However, the Views from the 6 artist emphasized that he didn’t have the keys and couldn’t back out of the way. So, along with another pedestrian actor in the passenger seat, the aggressive male hopped in Drake’s driver seat in an attempt to find the keys. Yet, to Drake’s misfortune, the guy found a taser.

That’s when things seemingly got real. The aggressor demanded that Drake do something to move the vehicle, or he was going to get tased. In the next moment, the man “mistakenly” tased his pregnant companion in the stomach. Immediately, the Views from the 6 rapper got out the truck and began to freak out. He was saying, under his breath, “This can’t be real.”

Yet, before the “Views” artist got a chance to completely lose his cool, Ashton Kutcher made his appearance in order to calm Drake’s nerves. In the moment that Drizzy made eye contact with Kutcher, the OVO owner ran away in relief. Although he realized he had been severely Punk’d, he was comforted that the earthquake and pregnancy situation wasn’t real.

If you’re interested in Ashton’s recount of Drake’s Punk’d episode, below, you can watch his March 31 interview on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

All in all, Drake did admit that he had gotten “Punk’d,” in the end. While he mentioned that he called his mom about the Vice President situation, the Views from the 6 artist took his loss happily.

What are your thoughts about Drizzy’s 2012 Punk’d encounter? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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