Gay Marriage Opponent Catches His Shoes On Fire During Cereal Box Burning Protest Gone Wrong [Video]

Gay marriage opponent Michael Leisner’s cereal box burning protest on a General Mill office law went awry due to using gasoline on flammable grass. Leisner, 65, does not support gay marriage and reportedly wanted to share his disapproval with General Mills, a company which has openly supported same sex marriage, The Blaze reports.

Michael Leisner wanted to attract attention but likely not by catching his shoes on fire in the chemically treated flammable grass. After posting the failed General Mills cereal box burning video on his YouTube channel, Michael Leisner began attracting a whole lot more views than normal. While Leisner may have intended to share his opinion in a serious manner, the majority of the cereal box burning viewers tuned in for laughs, according to The Blaze.

Michael Leisner was not aware that General Mills had saturated the lawn with a flammable”material nor had he thought about the possible legal issues which could arise from using a blowtorch on the General Mills lawn without the company’s permission. Michael Leisner’s reportedly considers homosexuals “fierce faggots” and “gay perverts” and discusses the “depraved, debasing debauchery of gay activists,” according to speech excerpts republished by The Blaze.

The Smoking Gun also found Micheal Leisner’s gay marriage protest video comedic and spoke with the aspiring activist about his background and the botched cereal box burning at General Mills. Leisner noted that he has conducted “campus preaching with some notorious right wing Holy Ghost preacher types: and formerly taught Bible lessons on radio shows.”

Gay marriage is a frequent topic of discussion by Michael Leisner on his “Live4Chr1st” YouTube channel. When Leisner is not burning cereal boxes at General Mills or planning other types of same sex marriage protests, he can often be found recording YouTube videos about Bill Maher, President Barack Obama, and Representative Barney Frank.

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