June 29, 2017
WWE News: Vince McMahon Planning To Change Up Triple H Vs Roman Reigns Match At 'WrestleMania 32'

When it comes to WrestleMania, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is reportedly always making sure everything goes down perfectly. He's often shifting the card around and he is normally all over the place to make sure even the set is done right. This is considered normal for Vince, and no one is surprised that he might get upset over a number of things leading into WrestleMania time. One such thing that he's gone back and forth on is the main event of the show.

It has always been thought that Roman Reigns vs Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Title would end the show. WWE is even reportedly adding a NO DQ stipulation last minute to make sure things will go well. Now fans are hearing Shane McMahon vs Undertaker will go on last. As of Thursday, that was the case. Vince could always change his mind, but this time it looks very doubtful that he will do so.

The reason for pushing Reigns and Triple H out of the main event is really due to crowd response. According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince was upset over how the crowd reacted to Roman Reigns in Brooklyn this past week on WWE RAW. Reigns had been booed in many places for the last number of months but WWE kept pushing for Reigns to go into the World Title match despite what fans wanted to see.

HHH Reigns
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Due to the response, WWE is considering other possible finishes to the match other than their original plan. That does not mean WWE will be having Reigns lose the match, though. However, this could be why the NO DQ stipulation has been rumored. We know The Rock will most likely get involved to help Reigns, but WWE has tried this a couple times now and each time fans did not care about The Rock supporting his cousin.

The NO DQ possibility does open things up a bit more for Roman Reigns and Triple H. The problem is that WWE will try to book the obvious with this and fans will see it coming from a mile away. There is a feeling among many in WWE that they already missed the boat on doing what they would like to do with Roman Reigns, and regardless of the outcome at WrestleMania, fans will still not want to see him at the top of the card.

There have been some sources claiming that Roman could go heel at WrestleMania or the WWE RAW following it. Due to the fact that fans feel Reigns would fit in better as a heel than a face right now, there are some who think if he turns, fans would pop big time for it. There is no way he would side with The Authority so soon after facing Triple H himself. It really would not make much sense at all.

Reigns on RAW
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However, if he beat up The Rock or something of that nature, fans would be interested in wondering why he would do something so terrible to his own family member. WWE fans love to see Reigns in action, beating people up. However, the promos are usually quite weak and he comes off far more heelish in the media already.

Roman Reigns, like his cousin The Rock, could use a heel turn to truly make his career better. WWE shoved The Rock down our throats and he was just not selling as the babyface WWE wanted us to see him as. He then turned heel and was one of the hottest acts in the business. The rest was really history for The Great One. This could be what WWE is banking on with Reigns, but it will be interesting to see how they go about turning him if they even go through with it.

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