Justin Bieber & Kourtney Kardashian Heat Up Hookup After Selena Gomez Split: Scott Disick With Kendall Jenner?

Will Justin Bieber break Selena Gomez's heart again?

Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian just got caught canoodling again. The pop star, 22, and reality TV star, 36, have been trying to keep their hot hook-up under the radar. But ever since Kourtney split from baby daddy Scott Disick last summer, Kardashian has been spotted at various times secretly enjoying some steamy flirty fun with the Biebs.

But the latest make-out session between Kourtney and Bieber was their most public demonstration of affection yet, pointed out Hollywood Life, which cites a source describing their canoodling.

It happened just after the Biebs gave Selena Gomez, his most serious relationship but also his most rocky romance, a ride home following a concert late last month in Los Angeles. After dropping off Selena, he headed back to party with Kourtney.

Selena Gomez met up with Justin Bieber at his concert, but did he stay faithful?
And when Kardashian and Justin got together following that event, their canoodling got very steamy very quickly. Kourtney initially was partying with a group at a nightclub that included Kanye West, but then came the make-out session described by the source.

“When Kourtney was ready to leave with her sister and Kanye, she and Justin shared a long embrace — he said he didn’t want her to go. He started to kiss her neck and then a handler held up his jacket to cover them as they started making out. Justin was biting her lip.”

Bieber’s PDA with Kardashian comes amid his attempt to woo Selena back to his side. An observer at the Montage Hotel saw the pop star with Gomez on numerous occasions recently. But the split that occurred between them still remains to be healed.

Meanwhile, Kardashian, her sister, Kendall Jenner, and Scott teamed up for an April Fool’s Day prank that shocked some of their fans, noted the Mirror.

The Snapchat posting appeared to show Kendall in bed with Disick, with Kourtney shocked by the revelation.

“April Fools,” yelled the father of three.

However, while fans recovered from that scene, Disick headed off to Las Vegas for more of the partying that has concerned so many around him, this time involving an appearance at 1 Oak Nightclub.

Disick seemed to mock those who had fallen for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians prank in a picture snapped from the plane.

Ok now for a normal pic! @1oaklv let's get ready 4 a big night!!!!!!!!

A photo posted by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on

“Ok now for a normal pic! @1oaklv let’s get ready 4 a big night!!!!!!!!” wrote Scott.

Kardashian’s ex was swarmed by fans when he arrived.

With Scott back to his partying ways, the scene seems clear for Kourtney and the Biebs to keep their cougar love alive. But there’s just one problem with envisioning Kardashian as his only girlfriend. Bieber can’t seem to let go of his dream that he can rekindle his romance with Selena Gomez, according to an insider cited by Hollywood Life.

Can Justin Bieber persuade Selena Gomez to rekindle their romance?
“He’s on his best behavior, texting and calling her a lot, asking her to give him another chance,” revealed that insider. “He’s sworn that if she lets him back into his life, he’ll never let her go again.”

As for how Gomez feels? Although Selena does want to be with the Biebs, she’s hesitant about the possibility of becoming heartbroken again.

“Selena wants to be with Justin, no question. But she’s very wary of going through the same old cycle with him,” clarified that insider.

As the Inquisitr reported, Gomez recently was linked to both Charlie Puth and Samuel Krost in a variety of reports that claimed Selena was hooking up with both men. However, the sighting of Gomez with Samuel proved false, and Charlie sought to deny that he was involved romantically with Selena.

“I’m going on tour with [Gomez]. She’s gracious enough to let me come on a couple dates with her,” clarified Puth. “[Selena is] really, really awesome and she’s a really, really fantastic singer.”

For some upcoming intrigue, Bieber and Selena are seated near each other at an awards ceremony tonight, as the Inquisitr reported.

Gomez is reportedly hoping to have some “quality time” with Justin at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. An insider revealed Selena’s excitement.

“Of course, Selena hopes to see Justin at the iHeartRadio Music Awards,” shared the source. “She always gets excited when she knows she’s going to see him. The sparks are always there despite time and distance.”

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