Christine Thi Woo Dies Mysteriously Inside SUV, Three Kids Found With Her Still Clinging To Life

Christine Thi Woo was found dead inside her SUV in a Target store parking lot around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday night. The Texas woman disappeared with her three kids on Monday while on a shopping trip.

Her children, Lauren Woo, 5, Nathan Woo, 3, and 1-year-old Leah Woo were also found with her in the 2011 Honda Pilot, but are still alive. The children were suffering from extreme dehydration and rashes and taken to the hospital for evaluation.

According to police officials, Christine’s body did not show any signs of trauma and they are not searching for any suspects. Her SUV was parked outside a McKinney, Texas SuperTarget store less than two miles from the family’s home. Investigators are trying to determine how long the vehicle and the kids had been sitting there.

The Collin County medical examiner’s office has not yet released a cause of death for the 39-year-old woman. Officials have not provided any status updates as to the children’s conditions.

While the circumstances that caused Christine Woo’s death remain a mystery, police do know that Woo and her children went to Walgreens and McDonald’s before vanishing on Monday. Surveillance video from Walgreens shows them entering the store and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“That’s so like my routine — Walmart, McDonald’s and here with the kids. It’s really relatable,” Tina Sperry, a mother of four, told the Dallas Morning News in the Target parking lot. “She was all of us.”

Even though it is not known how long the SUV had been parked, baffled Collin County residents can’t help but wonder why no one noticed the vehicle or the three kids inside.

“What can moms do to support one another?” Sperry added. “What’s going on that we’re not aware of?”

“Why didn’t somebody say anything?” asked Roz Edwards.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Brandon Woo, Christine’s husband and father to the kids, grew concerned on Monday night when his family didn’t return home. He worried all night, but did not notify police until the next day. He mistakenly believed he was required to wait 24 hours before filing a missing-person report.

Brandon told police that he had seen his wife and kids on Monday morning before he left for work. He said he kissed them goodbye and everything seemed normal.

When he returned later that evening, he found the house empty, which was unusual. At the time, the distraught husband didn’t think Christine intended to be gone that long, as diapers and the baby’s bottle were still in their home.

Thinking they were just at the park down the street, Brandon called Christine’s cell phone to find out where they were and when to expect them back. He didn’t get an answer and soon discovered her phone was still in the house as well.

Immediately after reporting them missing, authorities launched an intensive search of the local area. A check of Christine Woo’s credit card charges verified that it had not been used since she left Walgreens on March 28.

“She’s a loving mother. She’s like a lioness. She would fight for her kids. She would never hurt her kids at all,” Brandon Woo said before Christine was found dead.

Earlier in the week, investigators said the family had no known issues and police have never been to their house. They also noted that Christine had no history of medical or mental problems.

Brandon and Christine moved to Frisco less than two years ago after selling their home in San Antonio. Their 3,350-square-foot home was built in a brand-new, high middle-class neighborhood where everyone knew each other.

Christine Thi Woo, whose maiden name was Nguyen, grew up in a Vietnamese-American family in Texas. She was a 1999 graduate of Texas A&M University, earning a degree in business.

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