Warcraft Brought ‘Back To Glory,’ Blizzard Entertainment Releases New Warcraft TV Ad, ‘Saving The World Is Not A One Man Job’

Blizzard made huge announcements this year and they are just starting. After releasing updates and patch notes to their Warcraft 3 game, Blizzard Entertainment is set to reach for the silver screens as they complete their “epic fantasy action movie,” Warcraft.

The chilling trailer features King Llane Wrynn, played by Fleming lead actor Dominic Cooper. The video starts off with King Llane saying, “If we do not unite to fight this enemy, our world will be destroyed.”

As the clip continues to unfold, the big stars included in Warcraft movie are also unveiled.

Warcraft movie stars Travis Fimmel as Andduin Lothar, Clancy Brown as Blackhand, Robert Kazinsky as Orgrim, Paula Patton as Garona, Ben Foster as Medivh, Toby Kebbell as Durotan, and Dominic Cooper.

Warcraft movie revolves around the “peaceful realm of Azeroth.” The civilization has to face the challenge of the “fearsome race of invaders.” A portal had opened to connect the human world with the other realm and the armies of these races battle to fight each other. Though the humans are separated by different groups and kingdoms, they would have to work together to save themselves from extinction.

As the war develops, the two camps would need to depend on their top warriors. There will be two heroes who are bound to collide in the war and these two heroes would be the ones to “decide the fate of their family, their people, and their home,” according to Warcraft movie’s official website.

Warcraft movie is an ambitious project. With Marvel and DC battling on the comic translation of their superheroes in the big screen, Blizzard Entertainment aimed to “right the wrongs of game movies,” Duncan Jones told The Guardian.

David Bowie’s talented son Duncan Jones had big ambitions for the film. After working as the director of highly acclaimed films like Whistle, Moon, and Source Code, Duncan Jones certainly has a knack for bringing outstanding movies to life.

Warcraft movie is quite a personal project for Duncan Jones. According to him, he was always a fan of video games. When he was just a child, he used video games to escape from the real world.

“Games have always presented an opportunity to escape. But they are also an opportunity to go somewhere that you come to know well.”

When Legendary Pictures tapped him to do the Warcraft movie, he did not hesitate. Since the movie is based on the World of Warcraft, one of the highest-grossing games of all time, Duncan Jones found the project really exciting.

“Here was a unique opportunity to take a game that I knew well and loved and try to craft something that would invite an audience to see what all the fuss was about. I wanted to give people a sense of why so many people play and care about the game.”

Duncan Jones wanted the film to stand out from all the other game and comic book movie interpretations out there. He said that video games movie translations are not as popular as the known comic books. However, since video games follow a story narration, “I feel they’ve been sold short shrift in films so far,” Duncan said.

“There is no reason why video game-based movies shouldn’t be able to do the same thing.”

This is not Duncan Jones’ first venture into video game movies. In 1999, his father David Bowie helped in creating the story and soundtrack of the video game The Nomad Soul. David Bowie even had two cameos in the gameplay.

Duncan Jones recalled how his father would ask for his feedback on the game and he told him, “It was an interesting game, but, you know, it’s always a little awkward when you’re playing a video game and then a giant version of your dad comes along.”

Moreover, Duncan Jones said they wanted to highlight the two heroes in the Warcraft movie from different perspectives. Normally, you would have the good and the bad guy, but he wanted to show that the heroes are both “noble and empathic.”

“They have reasons for doing what they’re doing that we understand. Both the humans and the orcs present rich cultures in their own right, with people you care about and people who are obnoxious.”

Warcraft movie is one of the most anticipated video game adaptations for this year. Warcraft movie opens to theaters on June 10.

[Image Credit: YouTube]