Katie Holmes Using Jamie Foxx Wedding And Baby Rumors To Boost Her Career?

Katie Holmes has been embroiled in rumors regarding her reported relationship with Jamie Foxx. However, with nothing official to go on, their romance is still shrouded in mystery. Now, it appears as though Holmes might be milking the rumors and subsequent attention in order to further her own career.

According to OK! Magazine, Holmes and Foxx have faced numerous rumors about their supposed relationship over the past year. While most stars loathe rumors about their personal lives, an inside source told the outlet that Holmes is thoroughly enjoying all the attention she has received in recent months.

“Holmes has no problem with the industry attention she’s getting from the talk surrounding herself and Foxx,” the source explained. “Since they’ve started hooking up he’s introduced her to so many big producers and power players, it’s a massive turn-on to her and something she’s taken full advantage of.”

The insider went on to reveal that Holmes is very attracted to Foxx’s level of influence in the music industry. Furthermore, her relationship with the actor has also opened up doors for Holmes, whose career in the movie industry has been on the decline in recent years.

Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Not Engaged, But What About That Rumored Baby On The Way? [Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty]
Jamie Foxx has not commented on his rumored relationship with Katie Holmes. [Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]

“One of the most attractive things about Katie is how respected and influential he is in Hollywood,” the insider shared. “Suddenly the script offers are flooding in and she’s one of the most popular faces in town.”

Meanwhile, the International Business Times is reporting that the latest rumors about the secretive couple involve Holmes’ pregnancy with Foxx’s baby. In fact, the reports have led to the notion that Holmes and Foxx are already married and that the actress is currently three months pregnant.

However, representative of Foxx has since released a statement debunking the idea that Foxx is involved romantically with Holmes. In the statement, the reps explained how the two are not engaged, let alone married. Despite the announcement, rumors of their relationship persist.

As fans will recall, both Holmes and Foxx were spotted wearing matching gold rings on their left ring fingers. Coupled with the relationship news, this naturally led many fans to suspect that the two were now engaged.

Speaking of public sightings, the Daily Mail is reporting that Holmes was recently seen shopping at a local art and crafts store in New York City. Although the exact nature of her visit is unknown, it is thought that she may have been picking up supplies for her coming wedding.

“Katie Holmes stepped out in New York on Thursday as she picked up some art supplies,” an inside source revealed. “The 37-year-old actress stopped by a BLICK materials store and was pictured waving down a cab as she made her way home with a big bag of craft supplies.”

At the same time, it appears as though Holmes is willing to try just about anything to get pregnant. According to Enstarz, this includes trying IVF, as they are unable to have a natural birth.

Since her relationship with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has kept her relationships private. [Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty]
Since her relationship with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has kept her relationships private. [Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty]

“[Katie and Jamie] have been talking about a baby for months. They’re considering IVF if it doesn’t happen naturally,” a source shared. “Katie has been researching doctors who are experts in the field of IVF, the actress is also asking for advice from friends who have used in vitro fertilization in order to conceive.”

Of course, that all depends on whether or not the rumors are true. Until more information is released, it’s too early to determined if Holmes and Foxx are still in a relationship, let alone married and ready to have a kid.

Whatever the truth of the matter, there is no denying that Holmes is reaping the benefits of the added attention.

Tell us! Do you think there is any truth to the Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx rumors? Let us know in the comments below.

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