Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Not Engaged, But What About That Rumored Baby On The Way?

Katie Holmes’ relationship with Jamie Foxx is certainly one of the most mysterious hook-ups in Hollywood. While the exact nature of their romance in unclear, Holmes was recently spotted in public sporting a new gold ring. While some took this as a sign that the actress is now engaged to Foxx, the two are not planning on getting married anytime soon. However, what about the reports of a pregnancy? Are Foxx and Holmes getting ready to have a child together?

According to Hollywood Life, Holmes was seen with a gold ring on her finger shortly after Foxx was spotted with similar bling on his ring finger. Although this left many wondering if Foxx had proposed to Holmes, an inside source revealed that they are not currently engaged.

In fact, the insider told Gossip Cop that the rumors of a coming wedding are “completely inaccurate.” Apparently, the jewelry was just a simple coincidence and meant nothing in regards to Foxx’s relationship with Holmes.

Meanwhile, the issue of a new baby is still very much in the air. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, not only are Holmes and Foxx expecting a child, but they already know that it’s going to be a girl.

Since her relationship with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has kept her relationships private. [Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty]
Since her relationship with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has kept her relationships private. [Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty]

The couple reportedly found out about Holmes’ pregnancy over the Valentine’s Day holiday. Holmes is already four months into the pregnancy, and the two are trying their best to keep things under wraps.

As for now, neither Katie Holmes nor Jamie Foxx have officially said anything about their romance. Considering how private they are keeping their relationship, it is unclear if they will ever announce their status as a couple. Hopefully, the two will eventually come out and address the rumors surrounding their relationship and future plans together if nothing more than to clear things up.

For his part, Holmes’ ex-husband Tom Cruise is apparently happy for her coming baby. An inside source told the outlet that the Mission Impossible star spent over $2,000 on flowers in “an effort to be gracious.” Even still, Cruise is keeping away from Foxx and Holmes as much as possible.

According to Movie News Guide, the news of a new child follows reports that Foxx and Holmes tried IVF in order to get pregnant. While these rumors were never confirmed, part of the reason why Holmes is so secretive about her love life is because of Cruise.

For the most part, Holmes is scared that Cruise might try and keep their daughter, Suri, all for himself. This has led Holmes to keep her relationship with Foxx quiet while not moving too fast out of fear of losing her daughter.

Katie Holmes and ex-husband Tom Cruise [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty]

As far as the baby rumors are concerned, nothing official has been released. Although Gossip Cop went on to state that the reports of a new baby were false, it would not be all that surprising if Holmes and Foxx are having a child together. After all, the two appear to be a great couple, and Foxx has plenty of experience raising kids.

That being said, Holmes past relationship with Cruise likely taught her the consequences of rushing into things too quickly. This is probably one reason why she is taking things so slowly with Foxx and proceeding ahead with caution. Whether or not this has an impact on their desire to take things up a notch is yet to be seen.

At this point, it is unclear what is happening between the two stars. Until more information is released, fans will have to wait for official word to find out if Holmes really is pregnant with Foxx’s child and if the two plan on tying the knot in the future.

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