Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Will Jackson Sue April? [Video]

Jackson and April’s divorce is still a main focus on Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, and things are getting heated now that Jackson knows April is pregnant. It changes everything, and it could mean that Jackson will sue his estranged wife.

Jackson’s mother, Catherine Avery, is back, and she is meddling in her son’s relationship. She has always wanted the best thing for him, and she believes that suing April is the right thing to do right now. How could he possibly do that? Well, Bustle points out that April knew she was pregnant before signing the divorce papers, and that is just what Catherine came into Grey’s Anatomy to find out. Withholding this type of information was detrimental to the case and could have changed the whole outcome.

Right now, Jackson is rightfully angry. He had no idea what was coming, and right now there are a lot of questions regarding the baby. Jackson and April’s firstborn died just hours after his birth due to a defect. All April wants is a healthy, living child, and she sees that chance now. Jackson is not too sure.

The problem for the couple is that they barely get a chance to work things out for themselves. Catherine likes to meddle, thinking she is doing what is right, and this is one of those times that it could make everything worse. She initially looks like she wants to offer some support to April, telling her how hard it is to be a pregnant surgeon – something Meredith and Callie would be able to talk to her about – but it is all a ruse to get Jackson to sue her.

Would he do something like that? Grey’s Anatomy fans are worried. She does have a way of getting him to do something when he is in the wrong frame of mind. This could be one of those times, as he is so angry over being lied to.

Grey’s Anatomy picked up this week where the last episode left. Jackson managed to talk (shout) to April about him keeping this from him for 12 weeks. Some fans have been wanting to see them get back together for weeks now, with fans on either side of the argument. Sarah Drew has also shared that she wants to see her character April reconcile with Jackson. It would be best for the baby, if they can work things out. The question is whether they have gone too far now to get back together. Callie and Arizona could not make it work, despite a child being involved.

While Catherine’s meddling could lead to Jackson suing April, it could have the opposite effect. Jackson does have a history on Grey’s Anatomy of doing the opposite of what his mother asks of him or suggests, and this could be one of those times. Catherine could help Jackson realize why April kept the pregnancy a secret, considering what happened to the last baby, and help him listen to her instead of argue.

On the other hand, April may finally decide that she wants nothing to do with her former mother-in-law. Catherine has regularly interfered and has rarely been on April’s side. The only time that she has really been supportive was when it came to the birth of Samuel and respecting April’s wishes to go through with the birth when Jackson wanted to terminate the pregnancy.

This is one couple that could go either way on Grey’s Anatomy, and right now it’s one of the only couples fans are truly invested in. Not only could Catherine’s meddling mean Jackson suing April or them getting back together, but it could also mean the end of Catherine and Richard again.

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