Lisa Rinna Bald, Did The ‘RHOBH’ Star Shave Her Head, Or Is It An April Fools’ Prank?

Lisa Rinna has continuously had issues with Brandi Glanville since joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills two seasons ago. While only one is a housewife this season, their beef keeps going outside of the reality show. Rinna has been quite vocal about her distaste for Glanville and Kim Richards, especially when Yolanda Foster posted photos with the girls on Instagram. Now that things are coming to an end for this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, everything is more chaotic. Rinna has pulled another stunt, and fans won’t believe what she did.

After comments were made about her hair, Lisa Rinna decided to make a drastic change. During a comment exchange with Brandi Glanville, there were accusations thrown out that Rinna wears a wig. Her hairstyle has remained similar over the last several years, which is unusual in the business. Of course, Rinna has denied these accusations, and this time she decided to make a mockery of the comments. According to Starcasm, Lisa Rinna is bald. She shared a photo on Instagram with a freshly shaven head. There is some speculation that it could be a prank, but Rinna has yet to comment about it. Her caption indicated she would be doing her QVC show tomorrow bald, which has sent up red flags.

It looks like Lisa Rinna may be taking part in April Fools’ Day a little bit early this year. Tomorrow is the day where people prank their friends and peers. Rinna may be in on the action with her new bald look. Fans don’t believe that she actually shaved her head, though a confirmation has yet to be made. Rinna has been joking about her hairstyle since Brandi Glanville made the comment, even posing with Caroline Stanbury for a photo with wig comments. This has been completely overused, and Rinna definitely needs new material.

With all of the drama Lisa Rinna has faced since joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she has been fixated on two comments. The feud with Yolanda Foster over the Lyme disease really had her riled up, and the wig comments. Rinna doesn’t like being singled out for things that aren’t true, and it looks like that is what is happening during this season. According to Bravo, Lisa Rinna did shave her head. They ran the story as well, though there was still no confirmation if it was a prank yet. Fans are not sure whether to believe it, or just wait for the prank announcement.

Some fans aren’t too fond of Lisa Rinna this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Social media has been filled with comments about her obsession with Lyme disease. Rinna is new to this group of women, and Foster has been around for quite some time. Attacking her was not the best route, and it is part of the reason there is still conflict with Brandi Glanville. Rinna doesn’t know when to quit something and just let it go. This season has depicted her in a tough light, and it hasn’t settled well with the fans.

Because April Fools’ Day is tomorrow, Lisa Rinna is likely playing a prank on social media. While bald wouldn’t be bad, it is not something she would be terribly comfortable with. Fans are waiting for the announcement of the prank, and expect it to come sometime tomorrow. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been a rollercoaster for Rinna, even after being on soaps for several years. It will be interesting to see how things will play out for Lisa Rinna and her new hairstyle, especially whether or not it is fake.

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